Recently I found myself drowning in Korean dramas. I can’t believe it myself because I thought they were just another boring-predictable-cheesy love stories.
However, I finished THREE titles in ONE week (You’re Beautiful, Dream High, and Mary Stayed Out All Night), yet there are still another five series lying around waiting to be watched wtf.
Those dramas are like dope!! I’m telling you, Korean is an expert when it comes to re-live the ‘prince who rides a white horse’ tales. The romantic stories, the jokes, and the FREAKISHLY handsome men are so addictive that I sacrificed my whole weekend just to watch them. There was even one day when I just sit through the series, munching some tons of snacks, PLUS I didn’t even get the chance to change my pajamas.
How unproductive was that? But as John Lennon said, “Time you enjoy wasted, was not wasted.” and I enjoyed every minute of it. 😉
Anyway, there were side effects from watching too many Korean dramas, as for me… I’ve become a big fan of JANG GEUN SUK!!! I CUT MY OWN BANGS.
At first, I didn’t realize it was because of Korean dramas. I thought I just got bored with my hair style (as usual). It was until Jess teased me the other day, “It’s a good thing you watched those Korean dramas, at least it made you cut your bangs.” (Yep, she is such a fan of bangs).
Hm maybe she’s right. Maybe I DID get influenced by those Korean girls.
These are some pictures I took to memorize my last looks when I still got side-swept bangs.
So this:
Plus this:
Resulting in
So which style do you think suits me better? 🙂
p.s. The scissors can be bought in the FoodHall for only IDR 22.000.

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