Count on me

Three days ago Bruno Mars came to my town, and I was LUCKY enough to get to meet him!!
So this is what I wore that day…
GOWIGASA outerwear, f21 top, GOWIGASA shorts



Photo courtesy of Rudy Gunawan, my best friend.


The details… GOWIGASA belt♥
Will update a post about the concert soon! 😉

“Fashion saves a lot more lives than doctors.”
–Bruno (not Mars)

  1. @Gilbert: yes it's him!! hahaha, I miss his formspring too, too bad he's sok sibuk

    @Veren: hihi makasih sayang, outerwear nya tinggal warna cream aja veren. 😉

    @Monsieur: thanks youuu! 🙂

  2. heyy, i want to ask where did u buy that boots?
    I've been searching anywhere but can't find that 🙁

    thankyou so much!
    anyway, youre amazing as usual!

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