A Fun Birthday!

Two days ago, a close friend of mine was having a birthday, and the moment I stepped into the car, he told me his idea of celebrating the day was: AKS – ‘Asal Kamu Senang’ (in english: ‘Whatever Pleases You’). So of course I went on board with his brilliant idea! LOL.

First stop! I chose to have a spa treatment, so he googled a bit and found this place called Bimasena, at The Dharmawangsa Hotel. Here’s me on it’s backyard. 🙂

4 PM, yet it’s still so bright outside -_-


Ok take one more, then!


Stepping in.. It was a pretty small hotel, nice atmosphere, though. 🙂
Both of us had the Traditional Indonesian Massage Hydrotherapy (1.5 hour) in separate rooms because we’ll be wearing paper panties only wtf. By the end of the session, the masseuse patted me on the back cos I fell asleep! Woah I reaaalllllly love her massage!! So soothing and all! 😀


Next, for the sake of the AKS theme, I chose to have a hair treatment at Irwan Team’s Salon which located in Grand Indonesia. But, since we didn’t make any reservation, it was already packed by the time we got there. T_T
It’s pretty sad cos I really love their Kerastase Treatment. This is the treatment room and a pic of me wearing the robe, taken on March haha.


But, worry not my friends, there are plenty other salons in the mall! So we got to Peter Saerang instead, got Hair Spa Treatment while slurping Soup & Spoon‘s delicious soups (bought them on our way to the salon). ˆڡˆ


Pampered body -checked.
Gorgeous hair -checked.
Delicious appetizer -checked.


Ah, it’s time for a meal! Hahaha actually I felt pretty awful for my friend because it was his birthday and he got to do all these girly stuffs. Well in my defense, it was HIS idea to get me pleased (:b) and in my second defense, he seemed to enjoy it as well, aside from the complaining. Hahaha.


Going on, we went to Social House; full. Paulaner Brauhaus; also full. And finally went down to Ninety-Nine and got seated by the bar after waiting for a while. Haha it was a nice spot, though! Got some food and this sweet red wine that tasted REEEEEAL GOOD: Piemonte Brachetto. I love sweet wine!Next, we were going back to the parking lot, thinking what to do next, then we passed Fun World, and yeah, it’s our next activity! ♥


He just got back from the car for taking the camera, and took these pics of me playing basketball wth. Super wrong outfit for the game but, nevermind :b I scored 217 pts, btw! Hm, haven’t lost my skill, apparently. Hahaha..


Balancing attempt #1


Balancing attempt #2

Lousiest karaoke ever, choosing the songs was quite a challenge with that giant remote over there T_TAnd… Here’s my favorite!!


Didn’t ride this carousel for real anyway hehe.

Played other games some more, finally got exhausted and we decided to go home after all the fun we had. 🙂
He told me it was the best birthday ever lohhh hahaha! And guess what? By the time we got in my apartment’s lobby, he gave me THIS:


Containing a pretty dress, a beautiful pink rose and a thoughtful handwritten letter.

Muahahahahahaha it certainly felt like MY birthday instead of his! But anyway, like he said, it was his best birthday ever, and I couldn’t agree more. ;b



Happy birthday, AB! 

© Jessica Yamada 2011

.Photo Courtesy of Google and Elleandjess.


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