Chatty Saturday

Last weekend my friends and I spent our Saturday together at Chatter Box, Central Park. Actually it was the first time I visited the place, I didn’t even know Central Park had Chatter Box.
The atmosphere of the place was pretty cozy for catching-up with friends, you can laugh your ass off and enjoy a conversation without another table getting annoyed because the space between each table is quite wide.
However, the service was a little bit disappointed, like they took a very long time to serve anything (even mineral water!!) and the waiters were also too busy chit-chatting with each other so we have to wave hysterically just to get their attention. FOL!Ok pictures time!!

This is the only food pic I managed to snap, since I was kinda late and everybody had finished their main courses.
Party is not a party without these 2 people.
Meet Olivia and Venny – My skin care gurus. ♥
Santo, a GOLD medal winner of ASEAN skill competition for design. – Diana, nevermind. – Rudy, my best bud and also a talented graphic designer.
Diana was freaking excited to take a picture with
Take two!
Anyway, I want to share one of the stories that made us laugh really hard yet confused at the same time that night (I promised my friends I would put this one in my blog wtf).
There’s this guy, a friend of my friend, who has a slightly weird hobby. One day, he went out with his friends to a restaurant. He didn’t order anything. Not even a drink. And no, he’s not that economically poor.
Then right after his friends had finished their meals, he ASKED THE WAITER TO PACKED THE REMAINING CHILI SAUCE for him to take home!! Fyi, chili price had not increased by the time this happened HAHAHAHAHA his friends were like, “WTFFF…… Dot dot dot…….”.


Please don’t try this at home. Or anywhere.
  1. Busyeks sa gw lagi brusaha cari blog gw dulu namanya apa nyampenya ke blog u. hahahaha. kangen jg lihat foto2 zaman dulu. dibanding skrng kaya babi skali saiyah T_T

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