The One With No Internet Connection

Hi! This is a rather random post I made during my busy days working for my college’s final project. You see, in order to work, I need proper internet connection and ours at home has been screwed up lately AND we haven’t even called the internet guy yet.
Long story short, we decided to begin our wondrous journey: A Search for the Place Provided with (preferrably) Fast Internet Connection. After miles… and miles… driving through Jakarta’s traffic jam, we finally landed at… Senayan City’s Foodism!
Pretty cozy, eh?
Yay! The end of the journey (which was very short and not that adventurous haha)!! Elle also needed the internet connection to publish yesterday’s post. Look, she’s still wearing the same outfit 😀
Some f&b we ordered (clockwise from top left): Spaghetti Telur Asin, Dory Fish, Melting Chocolate Cake, Orange Juice.
Okay, finished eating and doing what needed to be done, it was time to go home. BUT! Must take some pictures first because I was in the mood :b
After blurry!
Finally got these..
…two decent pictures :D!
“Go home, go home! Assignments await!” mom said. Yea she was there too, forgot to take her pictures, though T_T

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