Work Hard, Play Hard: Elle The Birthday Girl!

On April 24th, Elle was having a birthday and I witnessed something I would never, ever forget. But, before I put down everything here, let’s recite the things that happened lately before D-Day. Or should I say… E-Day? 😉


April 22nd: We had GOWIGASA photoshoot at the apartment. The shoot went great and we’re beyond happy with the result! We will upload the new arrivals by next week 😉


My pretty Elle during the photoshoot

After the shoot, we went to Grand Indonesia for a walk, a hair do and of course, a meal. Went to my currently favorite eating place: Soup and Spoon!

Ordered these healthy + yummy treats:
Asian Tofu Salad, Iced Lemon Tea, Beef Goulash Soup, Tangy Tomato with Basil Soup.
We got the salad and tea by adding IDR 11.000,- only. Healthy meals that are easy on the pocket, huh ;)?

Going back to the car, we passed Ninety-Nine and decided to sit down for awhile :b Last time I went there, I didn’t take any pictures of this beautiful spot, so here goes:

Ok lah only one. But wait…
Tadah! A picture of me on the restaurant!! With Mr. Shiny Head on the background.
Ah, we had the sweet red wine (Piemonte Brachetto) and Pistachio Creme Brulee for dessert:
yummy yummy yummy
Last pic of us (before going home that night). Both escalators were already switched off by the time we took this picture. But still, kids, don’t try this at home :b

The next day on April 23rd, we spent one night in Grand Hyatt hotel for another GOWIGASA photoshoot. Yes, there are plenty of new arrivals coming up 😉 Here are some random pics during the shoot..

After 3 hours photoshoot, we had our dinner at The Marmalade Pantry, Plaza Indonesia.
A shot inspired by a dear friend 😉
Yummy Foodie: Sweet Red Pepper and Tomato Soup, Leek and Bacon Quiche, Spaghetti Aglio Olio..
 We also ordered Summer Smoothies and Daniel Smoothies for the drink. Elle really love the spaghetti (well, it’s almost certain because she’s a die-hard pasta lover!) while I’m in love with the smoothies. I specifically ordered the kind waitress to change the orange in my Daniel Smoothies with strawberries and she changed it, yay! Love it so much because all the ingredients are all my favorite: Banana, Oatmeal, Soy Milk, Honey, Natural Yogurt and of course, the exchanged Strawberries. Not that I dislike oranges, but I’d prefer strawberry smoothies than the orange one. Not that all of you care about my smoothies preferences, but I’m still letting you know anyway :b
Ah, there goes the smoothies!
Pasta girl

Done eating, we went back to the hotel room. Captured these amazing shots behind the window:

Bunderan HI, as seen from room #1708, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Elle went out with her friends afterwards, while I preferred to stay in the room watching this not-so-interesting Korean drama (title: Playful Kiss). If it weren’t for the kawaii handsome actor Kim Hyun Joong, I’d rather watch Cartoon Network. Oh by the way, Grand Hyatt provided us the DVD player! Nice service 🙂 After hours watching the actor drama, I fell asleep. Then, IT happened.

04.30 AM April 24th 2011
I was asleep when my phone rang. It was from Elle. I picked up and said ‘happy birthday’ before I realized it wasn’t her, it was her friend, Raissa instead. She asked me to wake up and ‘help’ her with the birthday girl. I went to the toilet and the next thing I knew, Raissa went into our hotel room using Elle’s key. She was with Rudy too; both of them were Elle’s classmates in highschool and they’ve been best friends ever since 😀 They were making a fuss while I was still in the toilet, but I didn’t hear Elle’s voice. After a while, I finally came out and what happened next is best described with these pictures:
Wondering what is this? Take a wild guess.

HAHAHA, ladies and gentlemen, I present you… The Hangover Birthday Girl carried on a wheelchair by her loving friends lollollol XD!!! Told ya, Grand Hyatt’s service was really nice, they even provided wheelchairs for -uhm- incidents like this. LOL

Oh by the way, there was this ongoing conversation behind this picture:
(All conversations below are in Indonesian. I didn’t translate them into English because, uh, I was too lazy to do that.)

Rudy: “Cijey brengsek amat nih jadi enci bukannya bantuin malah foto-foto.”
Raissa: “Iya mending lu balik ke toilet aja deh, cijey!”
Jess: “Haha pose dulu, pose dulu.”
Both Rudy and Raissa were very helpful, they stayed and helped Elle ease her nausea until the next hour before they finally went home. Both of them told me what happened that night: Elle was challenged for a drinking competition, and she got cheated all the way because -of course- she’s the birthday girl. Everybody faked drinking the liquor but she just kept drinking and drinking, til BOOM! Alcohol went up! They also told me that Elle was dancing with this famous Indonesian fashion designer while she’s drunk, hahaha.
Anyway, Elle finally fell asleep and the next day when she woke up, she didn’t remember a damn thing about what happened that night, not even how she got back to the hotel! We laughed all the way when I told her everything and showed her the ‘evidences’.
Once again, happy birthday, my dear lil sister ;*
© Jessica Yamada 2011
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A little addition here:
We just got ourselves a “Stylish Blogger Award” inherited by fellow blogger; Indi Kecil Babbit, yay!! She’s such a sweet lady 😀
Here’s a screenshot from her blog and her lovely statement on my Facebook.
Thanks a lot, Indi dear ;*

elle and jess

  1. :O wow…happy birthday for Elle..:)
    she had a nice day, didnt she?
    (seems you two're not a twin huh?)

    i always like your photos (and Elle too!)
    always so beautiful and well taken! 😀
    and nice place too…:D

    by the way, do you have personal photographer for every photo session?:D seems nice~ 😀 envy u..;p
    and where did you learn about photograph?i really want to learn it! T3T

    Uhmm..are u always reserve a hotel room for ur photo session?O.o (tll ingin tau..>.< sorry)

    and im waiting for the next upload of Gowigasa! 🙂
    wait for me Ci! 😀

  2. •Golda: Elle said "thank youuu :D"

    •TheCaramelLady: Thank you, beautiful! Followed back 😉

    •Thedawngoddess: Waaa thankyou so much, sweetheart<3 Ya, she had a lot of fun! No, we do not have a personal photographer, would be nice if we do, though 😉 We didn't learn photography by purpose, I think the camera did a great job, hahaha. No, we usually do the photoshoot in the apartment, outdoors or malls. Yay, we'll certainly let you know via Facebook / Twitter for GOWIGASA update! Thanks, dear ;*


  3. 😀 thanks for your reply Jess..:)
    hoo, i see..:D So, who did take those nice photos?

    Okay, will wait patiently here..:D

    (btw, i dont know why im signing in at my Google account..D: but, im thedawngoddess..:D)

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