How much space is too much space?

When men date women they lose some of their personal space. There is nothing wrong with that — by dating you, they are agreeing to let you into their world to see how you like it. But like your space, their space is personal and to intrude upon it everyday will make him feel crowded.
Take a look at the table below to know your boundaries.


Too little space Just enough space Too much space
You call him up on the hour, every hour, throughout his workday You call him up once, just to see if he’s had lunch. You make it a point to never call him during office hours
Your weekend schedule starts with meeting him at 9am on Saturday and
ends when you kiss goodnight at 10pm on Sunday.
You wait for him to call around lunchtime Saturday to meet for a
movie and maybe a quiet dinner later on.
Neither of you call each other. After all, you’ll probably bump into
each other at the flea market.
You know the names of all his girlfriends from age five
You know the name of his last girlfriend. You don’t know if he’s had any girlfriends before you or not.
You insist on using your voice for his voicemail welcome message:
“Hi, this is John’s phone, but he’s not available right now…”
His voicemail has his voice and your voicemail has yours. His voicemail has the husky voice of some other woman you’ve never
met, breathing, “John’s a little, um, preoccupied just now, but if you
leave your name…”
When he calls, you know it’s him. When he calls, you get a feeling that it could be him. When he calls, you’re sure it’s not him.



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