Hi, my name is Jessica. I am majoring in Visual Communication / Graphic DesignAnimation at Bina Nusantara University (BINUS). I am currently in my last semester, working my ass off to graduate.

Some of you might already know that some university majors like Visual Communication / Graphic Design, Architecture, Fashion Design, Interior Design, etc require a Final Project completed independently by the student under the lecturer’s guidance, in order for them to graduate. Now what exactly is, this final project thingy? It’s kinda like a final exam, but you’ve got to work on it for the whole semester. In my major, Visual Communication / Graphic Design – Animation, student has to create an animated movie, choosing one of these options: Short Movie, TV Series, E-Learning, Documentary or Public Service Ad (like mine!)

At the end of the semester, you’ve got to present the result of your project in a display / campaign form, make a presentation about it, answer some questions from the lecturers regarding your work, and then wait outside the classrooms with your friends; letting all the lecturers gather together, calculating your scores from the very beginning of the semester to this Judgement Day. Then at the end of the day, the final score will be passed to you (in person) by the lecturers. THAT final score decides whether you graduate or not.

July 13th 2011
Before the Judgement Day, they give you one whole day (well not necessarily ‘whole’, actually, it’s 09 AM-07 PM) to build your display up in some provided classrooms; there will be each 5-8 students per room. As we don’t have to do this one by ourselves, I asked my helpful/multitalented/handsome driver to help me and he did! Lookie here:

I’m so grateful for his presence, such a big help! He placed all those fabrics neatly and so I could place all the details and gimmicks by myself hehe.

And…….. TADAH! Here’s how my display look by the end of the day, including all the details ;D

The Cloudy Macbook -in which I’ll play my movie during the presentation! Thanks to my brother who let me ‘accessorize’ this, lol.


Those are free hotel toothbrushes, by the way.

July 14th 2011

The Judgement Day had finally came. Let’s see… Campaign display – check! Presentation speech – check! Black & white formal attire – check! Oh, here’s mine, btw 😉

Black Outerwear from GOWIGASA http://bit.ly/LILY_black 



The presentation was done privately in front of two lecturers before the movie was finally shown. Here’s my cheat sheet :b

Kecap, Kecap…

Though the lecturers said they are *hehe* impressed with my work and presentation, they said I should have made a Powerpoint slide for the presentation to make an even better impression, because I’m a Visual Communication / Graphic Design student and right here, a verbal skill, no matter how good it is, isn’t appreciated as much as a visualization skill. Note it, juniors. Haha..

So basically, my Final Project is an animated Public Service Ad (PSA) with target audience mainly being kids 5-8 years of age. The title is ‘Gosok Gigi – Habis Sarapan, Sebelum Tidur’. It is made to motivate children to brush their teeth regularly twice a day; after breakfast and before bed. Here’s the movie 😀

All four characters’ voices are mine, by the way! Hahaha, I remember when I was a kid, being a Voice Actress was one of my dream. Now thanks to this Final Project, I did it! ;D
It was 03 PM by the time I finished doing my presentation and apparently, I was the last one. After waiting for about 2 hours, the lecturers came out and ask all of us students to gather inside a classroom.
 The (nervous) Crowd
After all of us were there, the Head of Visual Communication Design Department; Dra. Mita Purbasari, MFA gave us a brief speech before she -and the other lecturers- started passing out those folded tiny papers written with each of our names outside AND our final scores inside. When your name is called, you must immediately receive the paper and leave the room without peeking the score (you should see it outside the room so there would be no fuss, I guess). Mrs Mita started calling out some names before her papers run out…
Head of Visual Communication Design Department; Dra. Mita Purbasari, MFA

And then the next lecturer called out some names too, and the next one, and the next one…

And then before I knew it, there were no more lecturers while there were still eight of us left, including ME. One of the Animation lecturer, Mr. Dermawan Syamsuddin, S.Sn broke the silence by saying, “All of you here are in trouble academically, except Jessica.”
I didn’t know how to react. He proceeded, “You were doing great, Jess. Your grades are good. Unfortunately, you were LATE this morning and it was highly unacceptable.”
Uh, yes it’s true. I was late for… (tiny voice) an hour. Okay, in my weak defense, I thought it was supposed to start at 09 AM, but apparently there was this new announcement that I missed. It stated that the Judgement Day started at 08 AM and that I was supposed to be the FIRST student to do the presentation. I know, right? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha *stress*
The other lecturer, the one who I did my presentation with, said, “Being on time is one of the most important ethics. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a $10 or a $10.000 client, you still have to be there ON TIME.” then he added, “You might get an A at first, but ethical issue is a serious mistake, it could get your score subtracted by 20 points and that leaves you a C.”
I went speechless. The situation was very awkwardly tense. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting an A or anything because compared to the other kids, mine is very simple. I just wanted to graduate. But during the presentation, I could sense that the lecturers like my work (hey, they said it too, confirmed my ‘sense’ lol) and now what? I actually DID got an A, but they cut it down to a C because of my fault? Oh well… I wish I was not expecting anything yet, just like before.
Then finally, after a few moment of silence, they called my name. I stood up, gave each of all the lecturers a gratitude handshake (as all of us did), took the paper, and peeked before I reach the door.. expected nothing.
Opened it…
I looked back immediately in shock and Sir Deddy (Mr. Dermawan Syamsuddin) who were the closest to the door gestured me to get out instantly and so I got out, still in shock before my brain started ticking normally again: I-JUST-GOT-PUNK’D!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wtffffffffffffffff HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAAHA Don’t you think they were all too mean? Those lecturers??? Whatever whatever whatever, I got an A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA Thank God Thank God Thank God OMG………… T_______________T
After a while, all the other students went out of the classroom and turns out, ALL OF US MADE IT TO GRADUATION!!! Whoaaa~ Cheers and happiness bursted everywhere but I think I was the happiest lol. However, there’s still a little doubt left in my mind so when I got home, I texted my lecturers and this is one of the replies hahaha:
I’m so happyyy ( ´ ▽ ` )
Jessica Yamada
  1. I haven't got a chance to find an interesting post (that make me stick to read until the end) while blog-walking this year but this post is a VERY interesting post and you're definitely deserve that score (minus being late for an hour) ! Good job, Jess 🙂

  2. congrats for finishing your final project and the 'A' score!! 🙂
    I'm very interested in reading your post, either to see your eye-catching project and also the end of your exciting story!! once again congrats..

  3. display sih super simple ya..kalo dolo dd gue buat na lebih bagus..hehe
    tapi teknik penyampainnya oke, animasi nya juga mayan bagus..sasaran tujuannya juga super jelas.jadi u deserve got A sih..lol

  4. Congratulations! 🙂 Suka deh Jess sama display kamu, simple and very to the point. Kadang orang-orang lupa bahwa less is more. 😉
    And I laughed at the part where you got Punk'd! Hahahaha!

    Anyway, once again, congrats!

  5. wow! such a great talent you've got, J 🙂 I've seen you in the QueenBee Hunt competition doing your animation and I knew you're gonna be very successful in this major hahaha.

    Congratulations, the best of luck goes to your future career 🙂

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