Dreamland, Bali

Due to the massive amount of pictures I took in Bali, I decided to upload them separately.
The first part (this one you’re reading at) is when my friends and I went to Dreamland on the 2nd day of my trip, the day that has successfully burned my skin.
Snapped a picture as soon as we arrived at the beach, before our hair got messed up.
Angie / Olivia / Stephanie / Me.
Our very own photographer.
My favorite picture of Olive ♥
Wtf my lips look swollen after eating jagung bakar. It tasted real good though -salty and spicy!
Mbok2 at Dreamland are VERY persistent at giving you a massage!
After finished sun-bathing for about 3 hours, we decided to take pictures again!! (Olive was still enjoying her massage behind)
Freaking love the sea color!!
Our last picture at Dreamland♥ We took off at 3-4pm when the beach got crowded.
I wish Jakarta had a beach like this.
Hottie detected!!
Here’s a lovely picture to end the entry. Have a fab weekend everyone!! 🙂

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