Walk Through the Light

This is one of my Bali outfit posts, actually I wore this outfit right after me and my friends spent our time at Dreamland (the activity post will be uploaded later), but I took these pictures on the other day when the sun still shines brightly, which is my favorite time to capture photos of my outfit!
And the results are LOVEEEEE!! Thanks to the sweet location and the photographer! 😉
Look at that fresh blue sky! I can’t believe Jakarta and Bali belong to the same country.
Forever21 top and bracelet.
My new sandals from Payless! You can visit the store at Central Park Mall, the store layout may not be pretty but they do have some cute and relatively cheap footwear.


Filo & Peri feat. Audrey Gallagher – This Night



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  1. El, kamu rajin bgt ngepost :*
    Cantik bgt 🙂

    Oh ya, video ud msuk global tv ya. Haha.. bnr2 si yamada sister ini sgt menarik perhatian. Good job! 😉

  2. Thank you!! 🙂

    @MEI: Ahaha lebih tepatnya rajin foto2, kalo gak buru2 di-post bisa numpuk semua di komputer 🙂
    Ahh iya video pokemon ya? Sayang banget kita gak liat huhu

  3. uhhhh you look adorable cute! kawaii . hehe. the blue sky is remind me about my holiday at Bali at first of July 🙁 , btw, congrats about your video 😀

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