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Not so long ago, I blogged about my Final Project’s judgement day (If you haven’t read it, here’s the link During that day, while waiting for the other students to finish their presentation, my friends (Nita & Stiev) and I found this air-conditioned empty classroom where we had our lunch comfortably, and of course… had our photos taken so vainly, just for fun. Hahaha. Besides, Elle always says that I’m not narcissistic enough.
Well, today, my friend, Imma prove her wrong :b
Made these little Lego creatures. The left one is Taurus the Bull and the right one is, uh… General Mitsubishi from Japan? Lol. Pardon my jayusism.
Behind the scene pic #01


Behind the scene pic #02
And yeah, the room wasn’t completely empty with that man behind me -_-“


Ok one last normal pic to ease your eyes after the BTS pic #02 hahaha!
Big thanks to:
Stiev and Nita for taking the pics!
Both of them also got their shots (not just me ok lol), but I haven’t ask their permission yet to post them here, so, maybe I’ll get this post updated later ;)seeya


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