Beautiful Ayana, Bali

Remember when I told you I took shitloads of pictures when I was in Bali last July, that I had to upload them partly? So far I’ve posted five posts: Dreamland, Rosso and Rock Bar, Gula Bali Pork Ribs, Walk Through the Light, Floating on a Sunny Day (click if you haven’t read it! :D). Well today’s post will be the last part (I promise!) and it’s all about the beautiful Ayana hotel where I stayed in and spent my days when I didn’t feel like going out.
They greet every new guest with a welcome drink and flower necklace (Leis) like in Hawaii that made us feel fresh instantly after a tiring long drive.
H&M top and shorts, Stradivarius bag, Bershka shoes.
Heading to Rock Bar wearing Stance dress from GOWIGASA.
A ride on the inclinator, getting down to the bar.
He was wearing my sunglasses because his was gone on Kuta street lol.
Breath-taking sunset!
Padi Restaurant, where Ayana’s buffet breakfast is served each morning.
Me enjoying pancakes and waffles after taking these shots.
Getting ready to sunbathe!
I also managed to capture these random photos:
LMAO this grandma was dragged around the pool by her grandson (I guess), so cute!!
This pretty girl wasn’t running towards…
…this handsome boy.
Reminds me of Jess and I ♥
Yup, that’s the beach. We didn’t step our feet close to it because we must pass through hundreds of stairs and climb that same amount of stairs again when we were done down there. We thought it would be just a waste of time and energy as we had a flight to catch.
That’s the stairs I was talking about.
As for me, I will enjoy Jakarta during lebaran! If there is a certain period of time when you can enjoy Jakarta’s roads, it is on the Lebaran holiday, where most of Jakarta’s residents are going back to their home town to celebrate Idul Fitri. 🙂
Train – Hey, Soul Sister

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