It’s been Monday all week

Can you tell that I’m exhausted just from the look of my eyes? Well, I just spent a week full of Mondays! I had two important meetings, uploaded GOWIGASA New Arrivals, Yansen’s sister’s sweet 17th birthday party, and my best friend’s wedding. Not that I’m complaining, I feel grateful actually! It’s just my body can’t handle it well.
But no worries, because tomorrow I’m going to BALI for 4 days with Jess and my mom!!! I’ll enjoy SPA and FOOD and of course SLEEP 8 hours a day! (fingers crossed for the last one).
Until then, take care, stay positive and enjoy your life! I hope all is well. 🙂
//Outfit: GOWIGASA shirt, Bershka pink shawl, Kate Spade bag, Ruby shoes.

Never Shout Never – On the Brightside

  1. The sister-twins blog! Pretty souls… I'm happy you girls have a blog and sorry for landed here pretty late (where have I been all this time? blame my thesis -__-).
    Following and enjoying my stay, had to say you're one of the girl of effortlessly looking beautiful.
    Hyped the whole look!
    Have a fun holiday ahead 🙂

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