You’re probably wondering why I used “AH!” as my post title? The truth is, recently I find myself listening to SNSD’s songs over and over again, especially “Gee” and “Oh!” (For those of you who haven’t heard any of their songs, you have to!! They are very catchy, cute, and entertaining!). Ok so at first, I intended to use “OH!” as the title, BUTTT I looked super weird when I made an “O” with my mouth, that’s why I ended up making an A. Lol
Covering my jinong forehead.
//Outfit: GOWIGASA Leopard Outerwear, ZARA Cropped Top, F21 Shorts, ZARA Bag, June+Julia Boots
AH! By the way, finally we got a NEW BANNER for our blog! Love it so much because it’s clearly more colorful and our faces are not too zoomed-in (like in the old one) lol. Hope you guys love it too!
And almost forgot, you can now access our blog with just “http://ELLEandJESS.com” ! Our own domain at last – Double YAYS!! 🙂
  1. You're so pretty!! & your outfit is so cute. The shoes look really good on you 🙂

    Congrats for now owning a domain and love the new banner 😀

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