Hi! Introducing my over 10 years bff @SiskaYap 😀
Sorry in advance for the not-so-good quality pictures because they were all taken with camera phones ^^;
honey & me
I’m wearing White Musk Top from GOWIGASA, by the way 😀
We spent last Saturday night together at this unique beachfront restaurant:
Look at all those woods! The creative interior design consists of a hanging boat, rope bridges (yes, those swinging ones!), treehouses, cute orange liferings, and so many other playful-nautical things that really makes us feel like we’re inside a ship – which is awesome, because right outside this restaurant, there is a direct access to a beautiful, white sand beach.
Okay, after musing about the place for awhile, we gals had our girltalk dinner and of course; Camwhore Attack: BEGIN!
Since the owner is our friend, he let us make our own drinks during the camwhoring session yayyy!
Honey and her successfully made Long Island Iced Tea ♥
My turn!
Ok, to explain how fun and silly it was, here’s a 2 mins video we made out of it –>
Had a really fun night! XD
Special thanks to Mr. Kalaha. Success for this splendid restaurant of yours! 😀
The Wharf Restaurant at Ancol Beach City Mall: Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, LG #10, Jakarta. Tel: +6221 6451109
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