Decision and Happiness

In making certain decision, one must always listen to one’s heart.When your heart tells you not to do something, even if it sounds good at the beginning, you better not do it.

If it ends up good, it’s fine. But if it doesn’t, you might end up blaming yourself or even worse, blaming others -for your own choice.

Why? Because there is no love from the start. You did it for other reasons.

When the decision’s already been made -and it sucks, ask yourself:

“Is it my responsibility?”

“Is it my duty?”

If your heart says, “Yes, it is”, then stay. Do it. Endure. Skip the next two paragraphs.

But if your heart says that it’s not, then RUN.

It’s not a bad thing to run from a certain bad situation that does nothing but drive you crazy. In fact, it might be the best decision you ever make in your life.

But if you cannot run from it, if there is not even a slightest possibility to escape (or, you CAN run from it, but you won’t because it is your duty or responsibility), then ACCEPT it as your fate. Make peace with it and deal with it.

Quit whining / blaming / being defensive / being grumpy / acting victimized. Endure it with positivity and prayers.

“Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want.”
Human brains aren’t dead, they learn something new everyday.

Find the bright side in doing it and when you find it, make sure you always keep that in your mind. The positivity that that bright side brings will give you strength in doing it.

Find ways to make yourself happy and feel content. You are a human and you also have your own needs. You cannot be too selfish for doing what you like, as long as nobody gets hurt.

“Work hard, play hard,” they say. Gotta keeps things in balance.

Do yourself a favor by feeding your human needs to refresh your mind and body, thus enabling you to treat others better, too.

Remember that happiness is a state of mind and one of the best ways to be happy, aside from being grateful for who you are and what you have, is by making other people happy.

The decision is yours to make 🙂

© Jessica Yamada 2012
  1. gw paling suka kata" ini jess
    "Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want."
    Human brains aren't dead, they learn something new everyday.
    The decision is yours to make 🙂
    abiss baca ini bisa renungin ke masa'' yg uda dilalui dan mikir apa sih yg gw lakuin selama ini haha…it was a nice quote ^^

  2. eh mo nambahin bole yahhh…experience itu sesuatu yang telah kita coba walaupun berhasil atau gagal berdasarkan keputusan yang telah kita ambil, kalau ga dicoba yah no experience…just judge from others opinion or same as judge the book from the cover.hehe

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