Sequined Saturday

Yesterday I had my late lunch at Ninety-Nine (Ranch Market) restaurant that just opened few months ago near my place.


A bowl of Mushroom Soup that looks like a cup of cappuccino. Definitely one of the best mushroom soup I’ve ever tasted!
As usual, Aglio Olio pasta haha.. With extra sauteed mushrooms, yum! Sadly I forgot to ask for extra spicy.
Caesar Salad


Oh, have you watched The Woman in Black starring Daniel Radcliffe? I just watched it yesterday and mannn, it was scary as hell (the creepy old toys, haunted attics, and shrieking music, OMG!). Luckily, we continued to watch The Lorax at midnight and it was enough to remove the visual images from Daniel’s movie out of my mind. Anyway, talk about scary movies, I still think Skeleton Key and Alone are the scariest ones.
What I Wore:
Both Shirt and Shorts are from Bangkok // Kate Spade bag // JC LANA shoes




Thinking of having a haircut asap and changing my hair color too, hmm.. 😉
  1. aww…do you want to cut your hair with prev hairstyle, elle? *sayang bgt dipotong lg rambutnya >.<* but i think your short hair made you prettier..:D hehe..

    You and Jess always made me want to visit all places you write in your blog..TT^TT

    btw, when will gowi launching it's next collection? 😀

    1. halo elle! 🙂
      cantik seperti biasa, dan makanannya keliatan yummy. btw, aku jadi kepngen nonton film'nya daniel, dan soal skeleton key dan alone, yup memang berhasil bikin aku merinding sampai berhari2. kepikiran endingnya. btw, pim dan ploy ngingetin aku sama kamu dan jess, hihihi. cantiknya lho, bukan seremnya 🙂

  2. Mksdnya yg mimi bambi gray kodenya wmm-305 bukan sis? Soalnya ku cek di gowilens, kode wmm-505 itu mimi cafe waffle. Awal apr mau psen ya sis? Barangnya ready kan ya? Thanks 🙂

  3. aaah, the food looks so yummy. and oh, you make me want to watch The Woman In Black too. omg, I love scary movie. hahah.

    I love your long hair, but it may look fresh if you cut your hair. 🙂


  4. Rambut ci El uda panjang yah hehehe ga krasa, brasa baru kemaren liat ci El rambutnya pendek 🙂 You look so pretty as always! Seems like cozy place and yummy food yah ci ^^

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