Life is Wonderful

One of many wonderful things in life that just happened to me was L’Arc~en~Ciel World Tour (to celebrate their 20 years together!) on May 2nd in Jakarta. Jess and I still can’t believe we were finally able to see their live performance! We’ve been fans for years since junior high school!! :’))
Anyway, this is the outfit I wore for the concert (trying to be as comfy as possible)!
Black Tank Top from GOWIGASA, F21 Bird Necklace, F21 Neon Leggings.
LOLA boots from June+Julia
Some photos of  L’Arc~en~Ciel, courtesy of
This is when Hyde (vocalist) said, “Halo Jakarta” and then blew three flying kisses to the audience! *FAINT*
If looks could kill… (he is 40 something for God’s sake!)
Tetsuya (bassist) – One of his memorable acts was when he asked the audience, “Kamu mau pisang aku? Atau kamu mau jilat lolipop aku” and then started to throw bunch of real bananas and lollipops! lol.


Ken (guitarist) – He is surprisingly very funny and goofy! We were surprised because he always looked so cool in Laruku’s music and concert videos! You can watch his witty performance here.
L’Arc~en~Ciel — It means “The Rainbow” in French

A message for fans, regarding their performance at the Madison Square Garden (Laruku is the first Japanese band to headline the legendary venue):

“This is huge for our band to perform at the world-famous Madison Square Garden, so I want to make sure we give you the very best show for the American audience. … I want to take the very best of everything we’ve done in Japan and put it in this show,” Hyde said. “It’s so hard for a Japanese act to be successful in America, but we were given this opportunity, so that means there is a possibility for us to break in the American market. I definitely feel lucky to be here after 20 years as a band.”

“When we first started, I was just happy to be able to eat. Our goal back
then was to be #1 in Osaka so that people in Tokyo could hear about

Video and translation /via

*I really hope I can watch their live performance again!!*

  1. I'm so envy of you ci :'( I'm a die hard fans of Laruku since junior high too and I'm can't attend their concert T_T but with this post, I know that their concert must be great and OMG Tetsu kyaaaa >< Lucky you ci ^^ You look so pretty, love your legging and we've got the same necklace! 🙂

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  2. It was so funny when Tetsu said "Siapa yang mau jilat lolipop gua?!" LOL
    "Suaranya maraaaa"
    "Wayang dan Ganjelan" RoFL he said Gamelan with ganjelan
    What a great concert payed with so long waiting.
    And anyway, i've just gotta know that Elle loves Laruku too 😀

    Great outfit Elle san
    Hope we cpuld meet in next Laruku concert 😀


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