Sweet Lace


Hello lovely readers!
How do you feel today? If you feel sweet and feminine– just like I did on the day these photos were taken, then there is no better way to express it other than wearing (anything) Lace! Especially in white color. Black lace is more of a sexy and classy look, I guess.
Cute bag Jess bought from Singapore.
White Heart Lace Stockings– so dreamy
The details of my dress. I especially love the wooden buttons!! 🙂
Some inspirations for wearing white lace:
(Right) Elin
(Left) Kryz Uy, (Right) Yamilla
(Left) Sharena, (Right) Taylor Swift
(Left) GOWIGASA, (Right) Johanne
By the way, today is my babygirl’s birthday!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Ms. Jenna Thania! Xo



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