White Dress

If you follow me on Instagram (@elleyamada), you probably knew that I did a commercial photoshoot for San Christine -a skin whitening product three days ago. Here are some photos of the look, outfit, and during the photoshoot. (Please excuse the photo quality as I didn’t bring my camera with me, so all the photos were taken with my phone)
Wearing Fairy White dress from GOWIGASA (Click-click! New Arrivals today! ;D)
Bunny teeth.
Like my lip-color? Wait for the tutorial on my next post! 🙂
I love the details of the dress SO much!! It’s not just another white dress, really.
Shoes of the day! Flower Wedges from New Look.
Before going home- still managed to take a pic! 8D
I’m telling you, the product is amazing! You can see the
difference in the skin color of my feet and my hands (before – after) ♥ Thanks Karina for taking this pic!
The photo session was fun and enjoyable as the owner (Xiu Wen) and her family were very nice and sweet to me! The photographer and all the crews were very professional too! Hopefully they will release the product soon so I can blog about the details of the product and how to order it (as many of you have asked me on Twitter)!! 🙂

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