New in June from GOWIGASA

Just wanna share some of our online boutique‘s New Collection for this month. ♥


New in June
If you don’t already know, yes, we have an online boutique that has been running for two and a half year by now ^^. Realizing that we have never shared any of its’ pics on this blog, we thought, “why not?”. So, here they are 😉
Lemon on Top
IDR 139,900.- / USD 17.49
CODE: Vonny Floral Shorts
IDR 135,900.- / USD 16.99
CODE: Envelope Bag Red
IDR 160,000.- / USD 20
CODE: Red Wine Asymmetric Skirt
IDR 175,900.- / USD 21.99
CODE: Ribbony Lace Shorts
IDR 165,900.- / USD 20.74
CODE: Joscelyn Culottes
IDR 165,900.- / USD 20.74
CODE: Fairy White Dress
IDR 225,900.- / USD 28.24
CODE: White Polka Stocking
IDR 115,000.- / USD 14.38
CODE: Sherly O Skirt
IDR 175,900.- / USD 21.99
CODE: Samantha Bib Necklace
IDR 95,000.- / USD 11.88
CODE: Boudoir Collar
IDR 120,000.- / USD 15
CODE: Milky Belt
IDR 50,000.- / USD 6.25
CODE: Hearty Belt
IDR 90,000.- / USD 11.25
They are all available for purchase on (measurement and complete information about each product are also mentioned there). And the good news is, we also ship worldwide ! ^^
Alrighty, should you have any questions about GOWIGASA, please feel free to leave a comment or message us on Facebook, email us at or text us on (+62)87886619819. Thank you!
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