Hyde I Love You

One lazy evening, I saw Hyde, our lovely lazy ass pup; walking and sniffing around for nothing. I was doing nothing too, so I decided to kidnap him for a random camwhoring session! Ok, in some pictures, it might seem like I’m such an animal abuser …but I’m not. I just looove him so much and one could only blame his adorable silliness for making one turned into an, uhm, overly affectionate person. Nevertheless, I love you, Hyde! I weally weally do!
Start! ♥
Hyde, y u look so unwilling omg. Posted this one earlier on Instagram.
Yes, yes, I know you don’t like this, but I don’t care it’ll only take a few minutes, I swear!
Ok hug!
He’s so cool right here, isn’t he? Oh, that cool gaze.. and his ears look like swishy hair!
Uncomfortable much, baby? Remember patience is a virtue!
Dancing with the struggling
Lol, sorry, Hyde. Guess I almost made your eyes popped out in this one, huh? *urggh*
Okay that’s it, Hyde, thank you sooo much! Say ‘bye bye’!
© Jessica Yamada 2012
  1. hehe. Cuteness. Your dog seems like 'pasrah' with all poses that you want to. Haha.


  2. OMYGOD i can't help but falling in love with Hyde as well! :p he should meet my dog, Dipsy – she's a golden retriever, big and funny and silly :p i can only imagine how cute they would be playing together! ♥

    Marsha of Marsha-Go-Round

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