Denim Day

July is finally here! That means another new collections from GOWIGASAAA~  :*:・( ̄∀ ̄)・:*:
Today I wore two items that are going to be on sale, can you guess which ones are they?
YUP! The first one is this British Flag Pattern Bag which is touched up with round studs along the edge!! XD
Wait for our New Arrivals which will be launched on Thursday, July 12, 11 AM! ♪
Photos from my Instagram (@elleyamada):
New Studded Spike Bracelet from CHIC NOVA! They have so many awesome and affordable stuffs! Not to mention the shipping (to my country) was so fast too –approx. 1 week! *amazed* Don’t forget to check out their website here.
By the way, notice the new Instagram badge on the side bar of our blog? You can get it too by clicking on BadgePlz! You are welcome 🙂
ps. Sorry for the unbalanced tones on the photos (some are filtered, some are not), I just love it that way.
 Gaudi Denim Top | GOWIGASA Bag and Necklace | Chic Nova Bracelet | Stradivarius White Shorts and Belt

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