Blurry Eyes, Baggy Style

Ya. According to the title, you will see my blurry eyes on the following pictures BUT actually, the real problem is: ALL the pictures (except the one I stole from GOWIGASA‘s file) are blurry and have very bad quality. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!!! >_<
It was a casual night out and I happened to have the urge to take some pictures with my 3D camera. Bad idea, I knowww.
GOWIGASA vintage backpack / crossbody / shoulder bag / handbag, June+Julia Brown Faux Leather Platform Oxford, F21 socks. Flowy cold-shoulder top, vintage necklace and lacey culottes are unbranded.


Ahh, finally a good quality picture! As I mentioned up there, the vintage bag is multi function (and unisex*, too). You can wear it as a backpack, carry it as a handbag, wear it crossbody or simply wear it on your shoulder like I did up there. 🙂
*wear it like he did
It will go on sale at on Thursday, July 12th 2012 at 11 AM! ♥
See you later, aligator!
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    1. Hahaha iyaaaaa udah jarang, jelek lagi kualitas fotonya T_T Will do better next time!!
      Yayyy, ditunggu New Arrival nya GOWIGASA yah dear kamis ini, thank you ;D


  1. Hi Elle,

    blog kamu bagus ya, kamu juga cakep and very nice stuff…I love it, really!

    btw, gimana klu kita buatkan web kamu, agar:
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    –> murah ( serius)

    harga mulai Rp.750rb

    hub aku yah..

    Warm Regards,
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  2. Totally spying on the Jack bag and this pretty vintage bag! I can't miss them!

    btw, i choose Ci Jess and Elle as one of my fav blogger <3 I hope both of you will accept the award 🙂 Oh ya, i really want to know the real CI Jess and Elle. I hope i can meet you both again someday and have a proper introduction and chat. 🙂


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