Vintage Classic Sunset


When trying to mix and match outfits, sometimes I start with picking one item that I really want to wear. After that, I just have to look for the rest of the items that are compatible with that key item (either the colors or the theme).
And today, the chosen one is this vintage bag in deep forest green.
The mustard top I’m wearing is Canyla Top from GOWIGASA,
do you remember? It is from the old collection that’s already sold out a
long time ago. Thank Heaven I decided to keep one for myself 🙂
Love the swirl of my hair in this photo!
Highlight of the day! A must-have vintage bag in deep forest green –one of the new members to join GOWIGASA family! This is by far my favorite bag from Gowi (come in two different colors and they are both oh-so-LOVELY!! *faint*)
Wearing our shoes collaboration with June+Julia again! I don’t know how many times I’ve worn them, they are just too yummy to resist 😀
Alright, it’s time to get back to work! Don’t forget to visit our store, GOWIGASA –Stunning *NEW* collection just arrived today!! ;)♥
    1. huaah, order lewat sms aja kalo gitu dear (087 886 619819), sorry for the inconvenience ^^
      iya emang udah direncanakan bikin make-up tutorial, tp blm tau kapan hehe

  1. cee mao nanya kalo mao mix warna gmn carany ya?
    kl top warna yellow, red mini skirt and blue high heels cocok ga kira"? 😀

  2. i really love your skirt ci!! <3 i wonder where you buy it, you didnt mention it on your post, i really want a skirt like you! i've check the Gowigasa collection, i didnt find any skirt like you wearing 🙁 i really want to buy a skirt like you, if it sell on your shop, roknya masi ada gak cii? mau bangett 🙁
    and you are super duper cute cii!! <3
    omg i wish i could be so gorgeous like you ci el 🙁
    really, you are super duper cute and gorgeous ci el! I swear! <3

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