Fun, Fun July by GOWIGASA

Our online boutique‘s New Collection is here to say Hi! ;D ♥
New in July
July means summer and summer means…lightweight flowy dresses, sheer tops and comfy duffy shorts to beat the summer heat! GOWIGASA brings em here and hey, they also come in dressy textures and fun patterns to bring delight for the skin and the eyes!
 Creme Brulee Top
(sold out♥)
 Golden Mint Top
(sold out♥)
 Pink Marshmallow Top
(sold out♥)
 Heart Pattern Dress
IDR 225,900.- / USD 28.24
 Princess Libby Shorts
IDR 135,900.- / USD 16.99
Ivory Shorts
IDR 129,900.- / USD 16.24


…Don’t forget the accessories!
Midas Touch Necklace
(sold out♥)
Pearlicious Collar
IDR 110,000.- / USD 13.75
Shane Bib Necklace
(sold out♥)
A little bit un-summer-y, but still lightweight and sheer enough to jump around summertime in style, paired with your favorite skirt or denim hotpants. Besides, look at those cute prints! A must have indeed. x)
Damsel in Distress Stocking

(sold out♥)

 Last but not least, of course… THE FESTIVE BAGS~!!
Envelope Handbag – Summer Pink
IDR 140,000.- / USD 17.5
Summer Khaki Bag
IDR 125,000.- / USD 15.63
Nerdy Owl Bag – orange
(sold out♥)
Nerdy Owl Bag – brown
(sold out♥)
Vintage Classic Bag – Forest Green
IDR 220,000.- / USD 27.5
 Vintage Classic Bag – Royal Black
(fully booked♥)
Zooey Bag – Brown
(sold out♥)
Zooey Bag – Cinnamon
(sold out♥)


 Union Jack Bag
(sold out♥)
They are all available for purchase on (measurement and complete information about each product are also mentioned there). And the good news is, we also ship worldwide ! ^^
Alrighty, should you have any questions about GOWIGASA, please feel free to leave a comment or message us on Facebook, email us at or text us on (+62)87886619819. Thank you!
Hope you all are having a fun, fun summer. Merry July!


© Jessica & Elissa Yamada 2012

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