Casually Tidy

Went for a movie last night with this outfit. So comfy yet (I think) pretty tidy.
GOWIGASA Pastel Jumpsuit C | Forever 21 Necklace | Kate Spade Handbag | Blazer from Shanghai
The chiffon jumpsuit was very chic and comfy. It is one of GOWIGASA’s Super Sale item and it’s available in 3 beautiful pastel colors. Click here to view all of them! ♥
Lol the mall was closing by the time we walked out the theater, so I got the whole place to myself! No more sneaking around for taking pictures. 😉
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  1. Hei ci jess 🙂
    May i ask you something? I want to add a instagram gadget like yours but i don't know how. Can you please tell me? 🙁
    Thanks! Btw i love your blue blazer;)
    Love, me

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