Summer Lilac // Chicnova $50 Voucher Giveaway!! (CLOSED)

For this giveaway, we teamed up with – the adorable online boutique which implies beautiful and modern design. And now they are offering one of our beloved readers (YOU!) a $50 Voucher to their shop!!!


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3. Leave a comment below this post saying what’s your favorite item on Chicnova –along with your name and email address
Here are some of my favorite items on Chicnova (under $50):
Lilac shirt, Denim shorts, Studded necklace, Studded Bracelet, White skinny belt, Animal print tanks, White Sneakers, Denim Vest, White clutch, Neon sheer blouse, Contrast bag
♥ This giveaway is OPEN INTERNATIONALLY and the last day to enter is November 6, 2012
(The winner will be chosen randomly)


One of the things I love about my country, Indonesia, is that it’s always Summer here. I know sometimes it can be rrrreally hot that it makes you want to punch a baby, but look on the bright side! You can wear shorts everyday!! Well, it is an advantage for a shorts fan like me 😀
Pssh… I’m going to spoil you something: both the glasses and floral high-waist shorts will be available on SALE at GOWIGASA‘s next collection!! XD
Finally got myself a pair of white sneakers, thanks to Chicnova!
I always prepare myself a light sweater or cardigan in case I get a little chilly! And this mint sweater from GOWIGASA is just a purrfect match for today’s outfit, don’t you think? 😀
Pretty studded necklace from Stradivarius!
GOWIGASA round glasses | Chicnova white sneakers | ZARA white bag | GOWIGASA floral shorts | Stradivarius studded necklace | GOWIGASA light sweater | ZARA white belt | Lilac Top from Hongkong


    1. Pengakuan tulus dari saya sendiri IBU ENDANG WULANDARI .saya mau mengucapkan terima kasih yang tidak terhingga,serta dan rasa kagum yang setinggi-tingginya kepada KI KANJENG DEMANG,saya kerja sebagai PEMBATU HONGKONG selama 9 tahun di HONGKONG ,dengan gaji lebih kurang 2.jta 5000.ribu /bln,tidak cukup untuk memenuhi kebutuhan sehari-hari,apalagi setiap bulan harus mengirim uang dikeluarga di jawa barat, sudah lama saya mengetahui roomnya ini, juga sudah lama mendengar nama besar AKI, tapi saya termasuk orang yang tidak terlalu percaya dengan hal seperti itu, jadi saya pikir ini pasti kerjaan orang iseng tetapi kemarin waktu pengeluaran, saya coba2 pasang angka 6D benar2 tidak percaya dan hampir pingsang,angka yang di berikan KI KANJENG DEMANG ternyata fositip tembus, awalnya saya coba2 menelpon, saya bilang saya terlantar di HONGKONG, tidak ada ongkos pulang,terus beliau mebantu kasih angka 6D, lansung saya disuruh mendaptar jadi member mulanya saya tidak percaya, mungkin angka ini keluar, tapi dengan penuh pengharapan saya pasangin kali 100 lembar, sisa gaji bulan ternyata tembus….!!!sekali lagi terima kasih banyak KI KANJENG DEMANG, saya sudah kapok kerja jadi pembantu,rencana minggu depan mau pulang aja ke jawa barat,,buat AKI,saya tidak akan lupa bantuan dan budi baik AKI. yng berminak ingin minta angka goib silakan hubungi KI KANJENG DEMANG Di Nomr ini 081-234-666-039 terima kasih….????>>>ATAU KLIK DISINI

  1. Can I have that shades even before they go on sale? I can definitely see both my sisters in it!
    and okay ce, count me in for the giveaway!
    Gilbert Ganda
    and my favorite item is definitely " Tropical Floral Baseball Jackets with Contrast Collar ".. It is going to be spring here and my elder sis is coming over and this jacket is just so spring!

    crossing fingers!

  2. Seriously Chicnova is so nice, too many good stuffs!

    Here are some of them that really catching my eyes:

    "Faded Wash Slim Pants in Leopard Print"

    "Button Detail Bodycon Pencil Skirt in Denim"

    "Vintage Metal Running Man Ear Cuff"

    "Quilted Chain Shoulder Bag"

    "Bright Color Sleeveless Dress with Low High Style"

    "Black Oversized Canvas Totes with Rivets Embellish"

    I think I should stop typing before I take all spaces from ur blog! haha

    Hello elleandjess & Chicnova, i'm Alice –, Thank you 😉

  3. Hiiiiiii, Pretty Sisters! <3

    I don't know if i should post only one or more favourite item(s) in Chicnova, but these are my favourite items under $50 in Chicnova 😉 :

    1. Studded Collar Blouse in Neutral Style
    2. Sheer Sleeveless Organza Blouse with Rhinestone
    3. Layered Chiffon Blouse in Color Block
    4. Metallic Skinny Collar Necklace
    5. Union Jack Heart Metal Chain Bracelet

    Name: Tamar Naomi

    I WISH I'M THE LUCKY ONE! (>.<)/ Thank you, Elle and Jess!!

  4. you're so pretty! 😉
    Some of my favorite items on chicnova:
    1. Stripe Dress With Cotton Top And Mesh Tulle Skirt ->
    2. Retro Pleated Ankle Dress in Chiffon ->
    3. Layered Chiffon Asymmetrical Skirt in Floral Print ->

    Name: Yanti Rostarina

    Thank you, XoXo

  5. Name : Fatimah Lamia
    email : Fatimah
    favourite item :

    I'm absolutely IN LOVE with this dress! It's something that I'll always dream about
    This is a dreamy and girly and yet classy
    This is the kind of simply stunning dress I always term as 'innocently mature' dress, I define it as a really classic and formal dress and yet it will somehow give you an innocent look because of the collar and the chiffon.

  6. i love the white skinny belt, the style is very stylish, look simple but if we look detail, that's really unique 🙂

    thanks gowigasa and chicnova !!
    always be the first in fashion industry
    my name is mega haryani
    my e-mail :

  7. Jess W

    My fave items from chicnova :

    Ethnic Style Print Leggings In Ankle Length

    Black PU & Cotton Leggings with Silver Eyelet Stripes

    Contrast Chiffon Leather Lapel Blazer with 3/4 Length Sleeves

    Cold Shoulder Pastel T-shirts in Cotton

    Galaxy Print Sleeveless Shirt in Chiffon

    Padded Shoulder White Dress with Drape Sides

    Asymmetry Vest Dress with Pleated Sheer Mesh

    Candy Colour Cut Out Sleeve T-shirt in Asymmetric Style

    Bow Shape Cut Out Collar Necklace

    Love this blog <3

  8. Nama : Nabila Kharimah
    Email :
    Okay let's check this one before I say what I like 😉
    1 . Liked Gowigasa✔
    2. Liked Chicnova✔
    Like : asymmetry . It looks better when we try a new trick, "mix and match". Fairy white dress from gowigasa can we mix with coat .-front.html .for glasses I'm intresting with vintage foral print, looks unique + classic bag caramel from gowigasa. For gelt, herty bet looks matc. and dont forget wear red hat that cici elle ever used. For shoes we could use boots, try some new look. We can experiment our style, be dare !

  9. Ria Amalia –

    There are a lot of Chicnova 's products that i like! Actually i was fallin' in love with 'Black Lace Skater Dress' ( ) but unfortunately it's sold out 🙁 Then my eyes stops at this 2 items, gorgeous pair of shoes ( ), this sweet dress ( ). LUVVVVVV IT! ♥

    But then something whooossss in my mind. It's close to my MOM's birthday! So don't you think this bag adorable?

    I just wish i'll get the voucher, just look at me! hug and kiss :*

  10. OMG OMG i LOVE those shoes in and those skorts and dresses almost EVERYTHINGGG!!!
    but, i have my own shopping listtt
    they areee…
    Blue Motorcycle Jackets in PU leather (I know this jacket will brighten up my day and make me looks cool-er)
    & PU leather metallic leggings in wet look (sooooo eye catchingg, i will wear it with my neon or black topss <3)
    & last but not least… point heeled with metal toe cap (VERY GORGEOUS enough sayingg. lol)
    actually there are many more but I just don't wanna look at the all unless if I am really ready to dreaming about them all the night o_o

    regina (

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