Woof vs. Meow

Just-for-fun personality test!
Are you a dog person or a cat person?
I believe we are a bit of both but usually leaning towards one more than the other, right?
For me, I am leaning towards cat and so is Jess (I guess that’s why we are so compatible– in addition to our well-matched zodiacs!).So, how do you know which type are you?

*scrolls :D*
Cat people are 11% more likely to be introverts and less likely to be active joggers or bikers.
Dog people are 15% more likely to be extroverts and 36% more likely to be very active outdoors.
Cat people are more likely to enjoy ironic humor and puns.
Dog people are more likely to enjoy slapstick humor and impressions.
Cat people are more likely to wait for technology to prove itself before buying.
Dog people are more likely to be early adopters.
Cat people are more likely to prefer individual competition over team competition.
Dog people are split evenly on whether they prefer individual or team competition (50-50).
Cat people are generally more neurotic;
however, they are also more “open” than dog people
. Open to experiencing new things, to hold ‘unconventional beliefs’ or to unusual ideas that is, thus it allows them to be more creative but also getting painted as “weirdos.”
Dog people tend to have more conventional or
traditional interests.
Dog people are more agreeable and extroverted, which make them more sociable than Cat people.
Dog people are also more conscientious.
“Conscientiousness” is a tendency
to show self-discipline, to complete tasks,
and aim for achievement.
Cat people are people who value their own time, enjoy doing things on
their own, and want to be able to spontaneously take off for a weekend
and such.


They are also more independent than Dog people; just like cats who don’t need walks, don’t need you to let them out to pee, and don’t fall into a depression if you won’t play with them.
A cat person doesn’t really like to bond with many people. They might even give the impression of arrogance, while in fact they are just shy and passive, and they feel like they need to know you first before you can be friends. You have to earn their trust. That’s why cat people tend to only have a few close friends that they are comfortable with.
As for me, the closest people in my life consist of both dog and cat person, and my BFF is totally a dog person (opposite attract?) ☺


ZARA top, floral pants, leather jacket | GOWIGASA neon bag | Jeffrey Campbell Ford heels | GOWIGASA vintage glasses | Unbranded neon belt
I’m a cat person who is in love with a dog.
Which type of person are you? Share them below! : )

  1. Gorgeous as usual! The cut out of the shoes are awesome. It reminds me of the holes my dog bit into my shoes once though…I wonder why I am still a dog person.

  2. With all respect,

    what usually means by cat/dog person is a person who prefers companion of a cat or a dog. Hence the word cat-person or dog-person even cat-lady and so forth. Not really because you think you share the similar traits as the dogs or cats.

    I hope this rights your wrong.

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