COINCIDENCE // Kristine’s Collection Giveaway! (CLOSED)

Kristine’s Collection blue textured blazer | Topshop polkadot high-waisted skirt | Amber Avenue aztec bralette | Gowigasa gold spike necklace | Marc by Marc Jacobs bag | Steve Madden cobalt blue wedges
No idea what my left hand is doing there…

Coincidences happen to us all the time; and the most recent one that happened to me is this outfit you just saw up there.

It started when an online store from Singapore, Kristine’s Collection, kindly offered to be my blog sponsor. I was very excited because not only their collection is a treat for the eye, but you can also see that the fabric is well-made and the cutting is excellent as well!

…and boy was I right. When the package has arrived, without further ado, I tried them one by one and they ALL fit my body perfectly! Especially the blue textured blazer that immediately made its way to my “Favorite Outerwear” list.

What I had in mind at that moment was, “I want to pair it with printed bottoms.” And so there you go, I picked out my Topshop polkadot high-waisted skirt and my new Aztec Bralette from Amber Avenue; then the next morning before I went to Plaza Indonesia, I took a few shots of the outfit to post it on my (neglected) blog.

On my way to the mall, I browsed Kristine’s Collection web store to see if there were any new arrivals, but instead I found this –a list of photos from fashion bloggers who has featured Kristine on their blogs. One of them is Tricia Gosingtian (one of my favorite fashion bloggers) who really surprised me to the core. She wore this exact blue blazer and she also paired it with polkadot print bottoms!! I was like… “WHAT.IS.THIS!!?” and I was thinking about changing the bottoms and redo the shoot all over again because I was afraid I would be accused of copying her! But after a lot of thought and consideration, I just laughed it off as it is pure coincidence that comes at a completely shitty time.

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