BigBang Alive Tour 2012 [Video + Outfit Post]

I mentioned in my previous post, I went to BigBang Alive Tour 2012 concert at MEIS Ancol, Jakarta on October 12 (yeehee!!). You have probably heard about them, but in case you’ve been living under a rock, they are
like the coolest South Korean boy band! Seriously, there will be no
other group like them. They have it all– Faces, talents (musical +
performance), funny personalities, and most importantly… ATTITUDE. And did I mention how
fashionable they are? Oh, just google them for heaven’s sake. You are
going to love them and their songs as well. ♥

the concert was AWESOME as expected!! Not only
did they play all their hits (plus repeating some at the end) handsomely, they were also very entertaining and gave us their best by
dancing and jumping all over the stage.

There were many surprises during the show– especially from Tae Yang, like he rapped “Aku Cinta Padamu” (I love you in Indonesian language) and he ripped off his shirt plus went down
the stage to mingle with the crowd!!! I was like, “WTFFF those lucky
bitches!” because unfortunately, I was sitting in the VIP area which
is located above the stage… (╥_╥)

BigBang please come back soon to our country and give us the same energy you gave us that night. Indonesian VIP* will welcome you with open arms~♥

By the way, I didn’t manage to record the whole show, but I think this video below is enough to show you guys how daebak they are! (≧◡≦)

Sorry for the low quality image and sound, it was recorded using my pocket camera.
*) VIP is the name of BB’s Fan Club.

Anyway, this is what I wore to the concert:


GOWIGASA galaxy print top, black leather vest, and spike headpiece | ABOCS studded high-waisted shorts
 A closer look at the GOWIGASA spike headpiece and galaxy print top 🙂 Red lipstick from Make Up For Ever (Aqua Rouge).


My new favorite high-waisted shorts from ABOCS!! I love the soft washed-out colors, the studs, and the cutting to bits! Thank you to the gorgeous Catherine Soepadhi!! Love you! :*


  1. can't imagine you actually wore this to the concert.. all the boys (if there were any) must be staring at you the whole time! i hope there were no "abang-abang" bastards that annoyed you.

    1. LOLL, thanks for your concern!! Actually there were a lot of girls wearing similar outfits like mine (sleeveless top and shorts), and thankfully there were no abang-abang who bothered me hehe, everybody was busy paying attention to BigBang lah!

  2. oh believe me if you want to buy festival ticket, at least never do it in indo concert. I was in festival, but the view was surprisingly so bad because the chaos!! Only the nearest to the stage can really enjoy the stage and that's if you have tough body too so you won't faint

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