Japan Outfit #3 + Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park

The side-trip that we included on our Japan trip was to the Mount Fuji area, but our main objective was not to see the famous mountain, no. Our main destination was the less famous and underrated Theme Park… Fuji-Q Highland!!

By the way, we spent 2 nights at West Inn Fujiyoshida which is very closed to the theme park (15 mins walk) — very recommended! The photos and complete information of the hotel will be posted later.

On the way to Fujikyu Highland.

Fuji-Q (Fujikyu) Highland is an amusement park located in Yamanashi prefecture,
Japan. The theme park is near the base of the famous Mount Fuji.

This is the place for you if you love rides and roller-coasters rather than the attractions of say, Disneyland or Disney Sea.

The main entrance that was already decorated in Christmas theme♡
Inside the souvenir shop. Thumbs up for the packaging!
A cute One Piece key/phone strap Jess bought at the shop which has her birthdate on it.
We arrived at around 10am so the queue was not that crowded. Another win point if you stay at our hotel is you can buy the ticket first at the front office so you can save much time! Nevertheless, you can still enjoy queuing here as they provide WI-FI!! (only at the entrance area wtf)


After you got in, there are 2 photo booths at the left side where you can take a picture and have your face on the ticket! 😀


One Piece is literally everywhere in Japan! *happy happy*
So beautiful! The leaves were starting to change color.
A stand where many white papers tied on. We assume it is a “Omikuji – Good Luck, Bad Luck” thing? Not sure…
Kawaii girl spotted when we were queuing for 1,5hours.

Anyway this ride we were queuing for was the least interesting attraction and we feel so stupid because we thought we were queuing for Dodonpa roller coaster (photo below)!! We have asked a person behind us and he was nodding when we asked if we were queuing for Dodonpa! Grrr feel like pulling his hair right now! What’s even worse is that this attraction was not fun at all! We could have been queuing for another roller coasters. (╥_╥)

One of the reasons to come back here.
Fuji-Q Highland is known for its extreme and thrilling roller coasters. Here are the highlights:
1. EEJANAIKA “4th Dimension Roller Coaster”
(76 metres tall, 126 km/h)
What makes Eejanaika so unique is that as the train travels around the track, the cars are able to do independent flips and twists!
Going up the hill + dropping down backwards.
The train does a complete rotation while the cars on the train ALSO do a full rotation!
Here you can see the seats rotating.  Look at the seat position of the back row versus the front row!
The station where we must took off some of our stuffs like bags, necklaces, watches, shoes, etc. The trains are riding toward where the arrow’s pointing to… backwards that is.

you can imagine we rode this heart-pounding roller coaster without
shoes, in freezing weather, holding in our pee!! But it’s all worth it.
We screamed a lot throughout the ride, got a huge adrenaline rush,
and when the ride was over, we were just….. quiet. Like traumatized or something, lol. We are not sure if there is
any roller coaster more thrilling than this.

Side note from Jess:
I’ve tried Insanity Stratosphere (Las Vegas), The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (Disney World – Florida), Dragon Challenge / Dueling Dragons (Universal Studios
– Florida), been to Six Flags (LA) and rode most of those scary rides
inside non-stop, but Eejanaika… is no kidding the scariest ride I’ve
been in! Totally worth the (seemingly unintimidating with all those cute
graphics and cute ‘eejanaika!’ shout outs song) LONG queue.


The certificate says: The roller coaster with the greatest number of inversions is the 4th Dimension Coaster at Fujikyu Highland in Japan. Riders turn upside down a total of 14 times during each 1,153 m (3,782 ft) run. The ride opens to the public in July 2006.
(79 metres tall, 130 km/h)
In 1996, “Fujiyama – King of Coasters” opened as the world’s tallest
coaster.  It held that record for four years.
It was also the world’s first “hyper twister” coaster.
The lift-hill. The part where you go, “Omg omg omg I’m gonna dieee…”
The queue when we were about to return to our hotel (5:30pm). Wanted to join but it was already closed (no more passengers allowed because the whole theme park was closed at 6pm *sob).
 (The world’s steepest steel roller-coaster)
It contains a 121° freefall, as well as seven major twists over 1000 metres of track, and a drop of 43 metres.
We did not manage to ride it, but reading this description from a blogger is enough to give us the heebie jeebies: “First they bring you straight up one side, then they sloooowly bring you
over the top. You sloooowly approach the precipice, and then you just hang there for what feels like an eternity. Then you’re taken over a 121 degree vertical drop.”


(52 metres tall, 172 km/h)
Dodonpa was once the world’s fastest and still ranks the fastest in the world for launch time acceleration.


The trains go up and down at 90 degree angles!
Cute pink polkadot trains 😀



This is our first ride here which also gave us a crazy experience (it swings back and forth and sometimes we are facing upside-down), but still, it is nothing compared to Eejanaika.
Another cute coaster.
The famous haunted hospital which is our main reason that drives us to come here! It is the world’s second largest haunted attraction and we read somewhere that they remade the exact building as the real hospital which is believed to be haunted. Sadly it was already closed when we finished the Eejanaika ride (at 5pm). Definitely must come back for this!!
Snapshots taken from my phone.
Some photos and information courtesy of:
We’d also like to thank our dear friend, Wisnu Tejakusuma who recommended this place! X
For more information visit: Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park website.

JESS’: Gowigasa Tie-dyed Boy Top and Striped Net Cardigan | Unbranded Ripped Denim Pants | Bunny Gloves+Shawl from Japan
ELLE’s: Romwe Shredded Cat Sweater | Gowigasa Cat Ears Beanie, Triangle Necklace, Skull Studded Bag with Tassels | Face2Face Black Boots (Japan)
X O X O,
  1. I love your photos! I never knew such an amusement park existed in the Fuji area of Japan before 😮 Will definitely check that out when I go there in the future! XD Although the rollercoasters are a different story @_@ ;___; #scared

  2. are you in japan? you should go to tokyo disney sea then! there were very beautiful light (people here call it 'illumination) on the night. or maybe you can take some beautiful photo-shoot while leaves were turning red. i recommend takao-san(takao mountain) near tokyo, the best place to take photographs 🙂
    enjoy your holidays in Japan ^^


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