Shibuya 109 is a largely popular department store in the Shibuya district of Tokyo. The department store is designed as a combination of stores and
boutiques to market towards women in their 20s. In recent years, Shibuya
109 has become popular due to its mass exposure in fashion magazines and
on television shows both inside and outside Japan. –Virtual Japan

We went there once and there was not much shopping involved as the store was already closed by 9pm (we arrived there at around 7pm, sigh…), but it was satisfying enough just to stroll around the store and drool over those rad and dainty stuff 😀
We did buy quite a lot of beauty products though! There was this store called PLAZA, located on the lowest floor which stocks a wide range of beauty products including cosmetics, skincare products, and makeup. We spent most of our time there! hehe…

Anyway, here are some photos that we managed to snap, and some courtesy of other websites. ENJOY!




















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