2013: Change for the Better

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It’s not even half of January yet, but I’ve learned so many valuable lessons… in a not flattering way. Maybe when I said one of my New Year’s Resolution was to learn something new everyday, He took it as a challenge.

Life has always had its way of teaching us lessons. In the end, it’s up to us whether we choose to learn from them, swallow our ego, and change for the better; or… We can be stuck up, ignorant and worse, blame other people for our unhappiness.
It is always easier to make excuses than to admit your own mistakes and deal with the consequences, right? But as they say, “When people blame others for their mistakes, they learn less and perform worse.” I agreed.

You may succeed in making another feel guilty about something by
blaming him or her, but you won’t succeed in changing whatever it is about you
that is making you unhappy.

So if something goes wrong, try to use your best wisdom and ability to listen to yourself, find out
which weaknesses in your personality that are contributing to the problem and then try to overcome them. 🙂

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X O X O,
Elle Yamada
  1. cute sweater ci <3 anyway i agree with you, we shouldnt blame others for our unhappiness, but we have to look into ourselves deeper, because everything happens for a reason and that reason comes from ourself.


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