Shades of Green + Tokyo Banana

Forever21 Hello Kitty Sweater, Emerald Green Blazer, and Mint Purse | Laceorie Lilac Wedges | Pants from Singapore

Feeling a bit “green-ish” today, so I went with this cute Hello Kitty Sweater in green fluorescent, paired it with my favorite emerald green blazer and finish off with a dainty mint purse 🙂
To add some patterns, I wore this snake-skin pants I got from Singapore. It also works as a neutral shade, allowing the green colors to pop. And to complete the look, I wore these sweet lilac wedges from Laceorie which match perfectly with the mint purse!


Anyways, you guys might have heard about this super exquisite snack named Tokyo Banana. I first tried it when I went to Japan several months ago, and boy did it taste gooooooood. It smells like… banana paste? I don’t know, it just smells very good! And it has this super soft textures– kind of like a sponge cake (I love to press it softly against my lips before I eat it hehee), and the filling is creamy and perfectly sweet, OMG!

The down side is… they are only sold in Japan. That’s why I was very happy when I found out that Sugar and Spicy (Indonesian online store) sells them online! So, YES you can satisfy your sweet tooth right away! 😀


Thank you, Sugar and Spicy!
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X O X O,
Elle Yamada

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