Valentine 2013 // Wet n Wild Giveaway Winners

Behold, the belated post of my Valentine’s day dinner date at Scusa, a comfy, modern-stylish Italian restaurant located just inside Intercontinental Hotel, Jakarta. 🙂
The menu was placed under this round glass, made a nice decor and also cleverly served as a placemat.
↑ Sweet Water Prawn Cocktail with preserved lemon ↑
↑ Lobster Bisque clams, langoustine and spinach tortellini ↑
↑ Sole Fillet zucchini and herb flan, tomato-basil chutney and saffron reduction ↑
↑ Wagyu Beef Tenderloin Parmesan potato cake and truffled veal jus ↑
↑ Chocolate Cake fresh cream, marinated strawberries and vanilla-almond ice cream ↑
The whole dinner experience was nice, the food was pretty in presentation but average in taste. The appetizers – Prawn Cocktail, Lobster Bisque and Sole Fillet were great, but we expected more for the main entry and dessert, which I thought weren’t very good.
The ambience was casually romantic, the whole place was dimly lit, each table was presented with a pretty red rose for the lady and decorated with rose petals and a candle. A Jazz duo performing live on stage and romantic music would fill in whenever the musicians took a break or two.
Oh, and because it was Valentine’s Day, the place was packed, I mean, REALLY packed with young couples dressing up and sitting across from each other, eating and throwing awkward conversations lol. So, if you are looking for a more private place, this might not be it. But if you’re looking for a more casual-yet-you-can-still-dress-up fine dining moment, you know where to call:
Jl. Jend Sudirman kav. 10-11, Jakarta 10220, INDONESIA
Tel. : +62-21-251 0888 • Fax: +62-21-251 1777
Alrighty, as promised on the title, I hereby announce the lucky FIVE winners from my previous Wet n Wild post that are entitled to two juicy products from Wet n Wild! Using the help of this useful fella: – we have… *drum rolls*
 ♥ our Wet n Wild giveaway winners!! Congratulations~~!!! ((◦ˆ ó ˆ◦)/)
Winners will be personally contacted by Wet n Wild team, so look out for the email! 😀
Thank you so much for all of you who have participated on the giveaway, anyway. Better luck on our next giveaways, because plenty others will surely come! ;D
X O X O,
Jess Yamada
  1. omGodddd, you're so pretty and w h i t e :')
    just wondering how perfect you are with that pretty face and no acnes 😛
    do you use any doctor's product?
    anyway, the dinner food and the outfit are totally perfect too ❤
    and cute hair tie thoo! hahaha

  2. Hi, Jess, I'm Nadia, one of the giveaway's winner but unfortunately I lost my e-mail's password and can't recover it as turned out someone apparently hacked into my account and change the data required for recovery 🙁
    I asked WnW on twitter and they said to ask you regarding this matter, then tried to e-mailed you on since 2-3 days ago from my other e-mail but still no reply up until now.
    So I'm wondering is there any other way that I can claim my prize? Thank you in advance.

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