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How do you view money in life?

I view money as a very important factor in life, but it’s not the most important. As a Taurus woman I always need security and stability, so I think of money as an instrument for assuring of a good living 😀

So yeah, that’s that. Thank you for reading, and please leave a comment below on how do you view money in your life, I’d love to know! 🙂


X O X O,
Elle Yamada
  1. You're so beautiful! *A*
    Money is an instrument to provide stability in terms of material goods, but I think one also needs emotional stability. c:

  2. as u said lady elle, thats money i agree bout. just want to strengthen your statement from my point of view, money nowadays is very important in life, so i really hate it when i see someone write or say that money isn't everthing and such things. I read a post in my Fb with Jim Carey photo saying something bout he said he wish we all rich and things but it's not all about money in life there's more to it, i agree theres more to it but i disagree money isn't important coz IF we really open our mind and eyes to this world and around us, we see the FACT that this days what things that don't need money??? IF theres a thing that don't need money then everyone won't have to work hard earn money for daily living and expenses, right? whats the point for us to live? to enjoy life? how to enjoy life if u don't have money? are u happy or do u and your family can live happily without money? how is that possible? complete absurd, unless u have your own farm which is inherited from your ancestor lol even if u have farm u gotta buy this and that to make the farm start up… see the FACT? we live to work and make money so we can enjoy this life of us, see the point, money make u live on… so don't ever say money isn't important, money can't buy your love in family (most of them :p some can betray their own family for money, we see news and even our own experience that some family will do anything for money even its means harming their own family) With money we can live happily with our family with less conflict coz family with good finances can afford anything their family need so that they won't fight for something, they each have their own.
    Money will solved most problem in life, if u have money u will have less problem? try think about it, what things can't be solved with money? IF u got in any troouble, it's usually solved with money or MATERIALS that need money to buy. The only few things that don't need money? parents love, trust and family trust (again it applies to most family but some can be solved with money too :p it's the FACT and TRUTH) I didn't include lover love and trust coz it's FACT that most poeple denied that girls nowadays won't be happy JUST WITH YOUR TRUE LOVE lolol they need money and financial stability from you to ensure her future and your future family. Some even worst just love the money and when the guy get tough life and poor, she just leave lolol IT"S FACT too :p
    Ok, i talk too much lol the conclusion, money is so very important 🙂 I'm not gonna argue with any person who disagree with my opinion coz i doubt i be back here just to read someone argument lol
    Have a nice day lady elle, be safe and take care, gbu n jess 🙂

  3. What do you mean that money is not important? Is so much important, for good living as You said, but what is good living? Ferrari and Lambo in front of my 19th century 1000metres square home? 😀 only jking 😉 nice blog cheeers 🙂

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