Save Orangutans

The bad news:
Orangutans are in serious trouble.

As we know, now Orangutans population has declined due to the massacre
in their own habitat, one of them in the area of natural forest in
Kalimantan, which has now been converted into palm oil industry.
According to the case since 2008, Orangutans murdered for being a
destructive pest that must be exterminated. Ways to slaughter like a
rifle shot, burned, tortured, if ways are still not successful, hunting
dogs will be released to pursue Orangutans. There’s even a contest with
prizes of 500 thousand to 1 million rupiahs for capturing orangutans
alive or dead.

The GOOD news:
We can still help them.

By purchasing this awesome shirt from Wellborn Company for IDR 70.000 only! Wellborn Company will donate 100% of the sales profit to BOSF (Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation).

Let’s participate for a good cause! Have a great weekend ahead guys! 🙂

X O X O,

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