Sporty with a Twist

Topshop White Turtle Neck Top | Motel Rocks Mirror Print Skirt | Romwe Varsity Jacket | Shibuya 109 (Japan) Cross Necklace | GOWIGASA White Back Pack | Decimal Shoes Creepers | MAC Pink Nouveau Lipstick
This is just another way to rock a varsity jacket: mix it with a skirt!
I personally am crazy about the graphic and colors of the skirt, and how it pops out against the black&white, so thank you Motel Rocks! 😀
In case you are wondering what lipstick I’m wearing in this post, it is Pink Nouveau by MAC <3
Photo from my Instagram (@elleyamada), me ready to grab my all-time favorite meal: Aglio Olio 😀
X O X O,
Elle Yamada
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