Gwiyomi 귀요미 송


As requested on Instagram & Twitter, here’s our version of Gwiyomi cover. Happy watching and scroll down for some screen caps. 😉


(하리) 귀요미 송  // (HARI) Cutie Song
Hannun paljima nuga mworaedo naekkeo (naekkeo)
Don’t look at other girls, no matter what they say, you’re mine (you’re mine)
Dareun yeojarang maldo seokkjima nan nikkeo (nan nikkeo)
Don’t even talk to other girls, I’m yours (I’m yours)
Saekki songarak geolgo kkok yaksokhaejwoyo
Please pinky promise me
Jeoldae na honja naebeoryeo duji ankiro
That you’ll never leave me alone
Ildeo hagi ileun Gwiyomi
One plus one equals Gwiyomi
Ideo hagi ineun Gwiyomi
Two plus two equals Gwiyomi
Samdeo hagi sameun gwiyomi, Gwigwi Gwiyomi, gwigwi Gwiyomi
Three plus three equals Gwiyomi, Gwigwi Gwiyomi gwigwi Gwiyomi
Sadeo hagi sado Gwiyomi
Four plus four equals Gwiyomi too
Odeo hagi odo Gwiyomi
Five plus five equals Gwiyomi too
Yukdeo hagi yugeun chu chu chu chu chu Gwiyomi, nan Gwiyomi!
Six plus six equals chu chu chu chu chu Gwiyomi, I’m Gwiyomi!
– – –
We had lots of fun filming this video (and watching it over and over again. Narcissistic enough? Lol). Recording session, which didn’t take long, took place at Twig Cafe – Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK). Try their Ghirardelli Iced Chocolate when you get the chance to visit this cute place, it’s to die for!

Twig Cafe // Ruko Crown Golf Blk B No. 5, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta, Indonesia 14470 // (021) 29424808

The song itself is beyond cute and very catchy as well (listen to the full song here, and the real singer is also very-very-very cute!!! Elle said, “She (Hari) is the real definition of Cute”. Watch her here:


Okay then, see you later in our… next video? 😉
X O X O,
Elle and Jess
  1. OMG so cute! Lovely 🙂
    I watched it on youtube! And just subscribed to you there too 🙂
    Hope you can also check out me and my sis' gwiyomi 🙂

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