Floral Denim Top and Angle Management

So, it is almost the end of July, which means we’re less than a halfway to another happy new year!
Floral Denim Top, Fedora Hat, Stripestripe Shorts Blue, Milky Bag — all GOWIGASA [http://www.gowigasa.com]
Anddd… Yep, you got it right! The much loved Floral Denim Top is back in stock at GOWIGASA! *yippie-kay-yay* Posted these two pictures on Instagram, days earlier, wearing the dainty top for a Saturdate:
Floral Denim Top, High Waisted Denim Shorts, Square Backpack Brown — all GOWIGASA [http://www.gowigasa.com]
Cony (LINE) iPhone 4S case: http://instagram.com/kimora_id
..Got some customers asking about it right away lol. It IS a very cute top, I admit. You can yours now for IDR 175,900 only at http://www.gowigasa.com 😉
By the way, if you look at these two pics above closely, you’ll find that I look tall on pic A, and *ahem* pretty short on pic B. Well my friend, that is what we call ‘angle management’ ; which obviously worked on pic A, yeehaw! Basically, I just leaned back, even rested my butt a little bit on the table *sorry, table* and HEL-LO, long, legs! XD
Another way to look tall on your pics: low angle shots. Pic B was taken from my bf’s eye level, and he’s taller than me, so of course I look shorter there. :b #anglemanagement #tinyselfdefense
Examples of low angle shots:
…and ending this with
Whatever angle shot! Lol
See ye later, aligator! Love ya better by the weather!
X O X O,
Jess Yamada
  1. Stunning and so adorable!!! I am so in love with your floral denim vest/top and how you paired it so beautifully with those striped shorts 🙂 I am so in love with your white bag <3

    P.S. I got GOWIGASA's polka dot skirt for my friend's birthday and she was so happy 🙂 Thank you, GOWIGASA!


  2. I love look no 5,The Fun Geek! Frankly speaking,it's so hard to choose between these fab 9.
    I love how it brings sexy back with different taste. The varsity jacket just makes a whole fresh, boyish -but still,sexy- 90s style and it's just purrfecctttt!
    Love it over the max! Geek is the new black 😀

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