Happy Independence Day, our country Indonesia!

To celebrate the day (August 17th 1945), we’re giving you a voucher* worth of IDR 17,845.- that you can use when shopping at GOWIGASA! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ.:*・°☆.

The code is: MERDEKA

HOW TO USE: At check out, please enter the code in the Voucher Code column and click on the “Add Voucher Code” button. The Voucher will automatically turn into Discount, cutting off the amount you have to pay for your order. ;D

*MERDEKA Voucher is valid from August 17th 2013 00:00 – August 31st 2013 00:00

Nine West Heels | ALDO Bracelets | Topshop Necklace | White Jumpsuit from Japan


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Elle and Jess
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  1. hai jess, hai elle! kalian kelihatan cantik. aku suka banget dengan outfit kalian. sepatunya elle dan top nya jess cute banget. banyak cara untuk mengekspersikan rasa cinta terhadap Indonesia, termasuk dengan fashion. proud! 🙂 xx

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