Elle and Jess Back to Black

So..? What do you think? ^^
Okay, first of all, yes, those are wigs. Few days ago, when we posted our pictures wearing them for the first time (see it here and here), some people thought they’re for real lol. Well, they do look and feel pretty real to us, too. AND as you might know already that changing your hairstyle could really change the way you look, our dear brother was dead stunned when he saw Elle walking out of the elevator. Jess’ bf didn’t even dare to greet her when he picked her up at our apartment lobby. Both of them thought they saw someone who look completely similar with us, only with different hair lololol.
Viparo Dress | June and Julia Shoes


On Jess: GOWIGASA Black Floral Dress and Sheer Black Stocking
Swaychic Heels
Well to be honest, it felt like a looooong time since the first time we coloured our hair (circa 2011), so maybe because of that, when @nonataliashop offered to sponsor us, we both picked these black ones in a blink, without even telling each other beforehand! Talk about telepathy.
Both our wigs have the same color: Jet Black. Even our natural hair color is not as black as this lol. Maybe because we did a lot of outdoor sports back then.. But THIS jet black color totally gave us a shock when we first tried it on. “So this is how we’d look like with @bellevalencia‘s* hair…” we thought.
*our cousin whom shiny-healthy-always-perfect hair should really be insured
We think black gives you this cool-mysterious-girl look, which is why we paired it with these outfits. But you know what, after this sudden Back to Black session ﹣even though some people convincingly said that we look better in black, we actually got ourselves *even* reassured that we look better in our colored hair.
Ah well, it’s all simply a matter of taste, right? 😉
X O X O,
Elle and Jess
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And e way, to all of you GOWIGASA fans, we’re launching our New Collection TOMORROW – Monday, Sept 16 2013 at www.gowigasa.com . Stay tuned on our Instagram & Twitter anddd see ya there! ;D


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