1N1D with Vodka the Frenchie

Introducing Vodka the French Bulldog to our blog! (lol it rhymes)
She’s so cute, isn’t she? Now, she ain’t ours alrite, she belongs to Elle’s bff Jane. But mommy Jane kindly gave us permission to kidnap this cutie pig pie for 1N1D lolll.
So, here are some photos of Vodka a.k.a Vodvod (even her nickname sounds fatty omgomg how could you Janeeeeee) upon her arrival:
“Who that?” asked Vodvod, observing Nicky curiously.

Elle picked her up at 01 AM* after her meet-up with Jane and when she arrived home, Jess was ultra shocked cause the story she heard about Jane’s dog making snore sounds all the time was 100% TRUE!! Like; walking *snores*, sniffing *snores*, running *snores*, and so on. Googled about that and got an instant confirmation here: French Bulldog sounds. Because of their short face, most French Bulldogs snort, snuffle, wheeze, grunt, and snore loudly. The sounds are endearing to some people; nerve-wracking to others.” — well, it was definitely endearing to all of us who met her! ♡♡♡
*hence the title (1N1D instead of 1D1N)

Okay, gotta be honest that Frenchies might not be the prettiest, but some would surely agree that they ARE the FUNNIEST. Aside from their physical appearance that resembles a mixed breed of a cow, a rabbit, a dog and of course, a PIG, they make goofy poses like these:

Good night! *grokkkkk*

The next morning:

Awe, you still sleepy? *grok grok*

Well, fasten your seatbelt, Vodka, cause we’re going to take you to our outfit photoshoot (yep, as a model, too)! XD

On Elle: UNIQLO Ultra Stretch Color Jeans | Plaid Shirt belongs to our brother 😉
GOWIGASA Dual Pocket Sleeveless Button Up in white, Rayray Sunglasses, NY Cap Blue, Denim Everyday Shoes (coming soon on our website)
On Jess: Shoes from Japan
So intoxicated by her cuteness, each of us decided to make a video with her too! ♡

Jess: http://instagram.com/p/fE6Sa_qxua/

Finally, it was time to return her home. :'(
Thank you, Jane, for letting your baby stay over at our place! See you soon, Vodvod! *kisssssssssssssssses*

[Bonus] Latest news from Vodka: She just got her first period!! XD

X O X O,
Vodka, Elle and Jess
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  1. ahahhahaha aww though i've seen some of these photos on your ig, but this post definitely made me smile :DD ahhah she is sooo cutee, i can even see her smiling face on the webcam lol and you two look pretty as always <3 have a very nice day! xo

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