Odango Hairstyle

What I Wore: Blue Polka Dot Tube Top from Haji Lane, Singapore | GOWIGASA Brick Red A-Line Candy Skirt | Trench Coat from Japan | White Olga Deandri Shoes | Forever21 Gold Chain Necklace
Hi! This is one of the outfits I wore for my Singapore trip last month and back when my hair was still brown (with ugly black roots, wtf). I was trying out this cute hairstyle called Odango (お団子); it is a reference to a Japanese dumpling, and is used to describe hairstyles in which the woman’s hair is bound in spherical or nearly-spherical buns on her head. (credit: Wikimoon)
This is Dango, a Japanese dumpling made from mochiko (rice flour), related to mochi. (credit: Wikipedia)
To get this hairstyle, you just need to first create two pigtails using two hair ties (or rubber band) and then twist them and tie them into knots using another two hair ties. It’s so simple, go try it yourself! 😀 

X O X O,
Elle Yamada

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