Haji Lane, Singapore

Haji Lane, the place where you should visit if you’re sick of the malls.
It’s basically a little street off the main Bugis area, with many lovely shops that sell everything from clothes to bicycle. You can find lots of quirky items with a reasonable price here.
There is also a few cafes if you just want to sit down, have a cup of coffee, and chat with your friends. 🙂
I love the minimalist packaging design! ↑


After several hours of walking, we decided to stop by this cafe/bar to rest our feet before we headed off to more sightseeing. ↓


These chairs ↑ may look tall in the photo, but it’s a set of short-legged chairs in real life. Cuteee!!
Let’s go upstairs! ↑
Such a great place to chill out with a few friends, huh? Great service, excellent ambience. Too bad I didn’t try their food so I have no idea how it tastes like. But I ordered their lemonade and it was good! 😀
One of the reasons I visited this place was to take outfit shots in front of the wall art lol.
What I Wore: Top from Bangkok | Trench Coat from Japan | GOWIGASA Cream HW Skirt | Amble Footwear Shoes | H&M Brown Sling Bag
Well, I think this post didn’t do justice to the place. I should’ve brought my DSLR or at least snapped more pictures!! The vintage dresses, the artsy interior design of each store, etc etc.
I guess I got too caught up in the moment. /sob
Anyway, if you want to visit Haji Lane, do so after 4pm. I heard from the taxi driver that the crowds come in around 5pm, thus most of the stores open around that time too. We reached there at 2pm and most of the stores were still closed during the hours we visited. When the taxi driver told us, I was like, “Ahhh that’s why T___T”
But, if you want to take decent pictures then you should come at 2pm like I did! 😀
When it’s still bright and you will have less people staring at you, or worse, waiting for you to finish your “photo shoot session” with annoying face because they also want to take pictures of themselves! At your spot! And so you end up looking awkward or uncomfortable in your photos. #storyofmylife
X O X O,
Elle Yamada

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