4 Ways to Wear a Bow in Your Hair

⋈ 4 Ways to Wear a Bow in Your Hair ⋈

Love love love how a single ribbon / bow could easily revamp your girly look! I used bow hair clips for this tutorial. You can also replace them with tied-on ribbons if you want to. ^^
Top: Oopsy Daisy Knit Sweater Baby Blue by GOWIGASA
1. Take your front hair to the side (left or right, whichever side you prefer), but don’t pull it too tightly, we want to let it loose to create a bit of volumized look. Then tie it up or clip it with a bobby pin (mine was pretty thick, so I tied it up) and clip in the bow.
P.S. If your front hair is not long enough (you have bangs instead) you can use the side of your hair to create this look, then blow dry your bangs.
Top: Palm Tree Off Shoulder Crop Top by GOWIGASA
2. Take all your hair to the side of the head, bring it to the front (you can choose to cover your ear / not. I chose to cover it hehe), braid it into this simple braid, then clip in the bow. Style the leftover hair on the other side whichever way you want. I chose to clip on some of my too-long bangs to the side with a bobby pin, and let the rest fall down like this.
P.S. If your hair is not long enough, you can opt for a side ponytail instead of a side braid.
Top: Bolts Sleeveless Crop Top by GOWIGASA
3. Take some of the front section of your hair, pulling it backward loosely (again, we want it to appear a bit volumized). Tie it with a hair tie and clip in the bow.
P.S. If the bow won’t ‘stand up’ (like mine did), you need to clip on some bobby pins below the bow to ‘tuck’ it up.
Top: Tiny Daisy Denim Shirt by GOWIGASA
4. Take all your hair up, make a messy hair bun, then clip in the bow right on top of the bun.
P.S. You can brush it all up (including the front section / the bangs), or leave it side parted like mine. Both ways are cute to me! ^^
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