Translucent Pinkish White

Heard that phrase somewhere? Yes, it belongs to one of the newest additions to POND’S family that answers the ever-evolving fairness standard* in Indonesia; where clear bright skin is not enough anymore, it is the translucent pinkish white one that we’re now looking for. 😉
*based on a research conducted by POND’S and cited by Mrs. Indriani, Senior Brand Manager Pond’s Indonesia and Dr. David Birtwistle, R&D Regional Director, Skin Care & Cleansing Unilever South East Asia and Australasia at the recent POND’S event that was held at Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta on Wednesday (25/9).


So, what is ‘Translucent Pinkish White’ actually? Well, if you have seen a Korean drama or movie before (which we’re pretty sure that most of you, like us, are even fans of some), you might have noticed that the actresses -and even actors wtf- have that impeccable, poreless, and healthy fair skin (not pale)! Now, that’s what Translucent Pinkish White means: fair, yet healthy-fresh looking with rosy cheeks. *^_^*

Here’s a comparison picture to show you the difference between fair-pale skin with fair-healthy looking skin:

Left: Kristen Stewart, Right: Demi Lovato

From the photo above, you can see that both of them have fair skin tones, but the distinct differences between them are Demi Lovato’s skin is more glowing and she has that rosy color around her cheeks (just like blush on effect) and thus make her skin looks healthy (well at least, *sorry, Kristen* healthier than Kristen’s pale-white skin)!

By all means, POND’S are trying to answer that demand here in Indonesia with its newest innovation:

New POND’S White Beauty Translucent Pinkish White. (click!)

POND’S White Beauty Jernih Putih Merona (Translucent Pinkish White) For All Skin Types Powdery Finish Day Cream with Korean Ginseng + Saffron ﹣ POND’S White Beauty Night Jernih Putih Merona (Translucent Pinkish White) For All Skin Types Light Moisturizing Night Cream with Korean Ginseng + Saffron + Skin Soothe Complex


This new skincare range is enriched with two natural key ingredients: Korean Ginseng and Saffron. Dr. Birtwistle explained that Korean Ginseng can help you brighten your complexion and give you that healthy glow, while the extract of the tiny Saffron flower helps fade dark spots. Together, they’re working to help your skin achieve… yes, the Translucent Pinkish White state!

Korean Ginseng ↓

Image credit: Men’s Health Supplement

As quoted from Korea Ginseng Corp:
“Korean ginseng helps to promote healthy skin, support healthy blood flow within skin, and supports anti-aging functions and as such is used in a variety of beauty products.”

Saffron ↓

Image credit:

“Saffron plays a vital role in the beauty industry. It is one of the main ingredients in most fairness creams as it promotes fairness of complexion and removal of skin blemishes.”
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The POND’S White Beauty Translucent Pinkish White Powdery Finish Day Cream has very light, soft, pinkish texture that blends well with your skin and once applied, it gives you that brightening effect and slightly pinkish finishing touch -just perfect for daily use without or before makeup because it moisturizes while serves as a good makeup base for the non-greasy soft, matte, powdery finish. What makes it even more qualified for a day cream, is that it has the Triple Sun Protection Agents that shields your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays!

Now for the POND’S White Beauty Night Translucent Pinkish White Light Moisturizing Night Cream, it also has light texture, but unlike the day cream, this one is almost water-like. It absorbs quickly and feels light on the skin. When you’re sleeping, your beautiful skin is in repairing state so it is best to always feed it with a night cream to help it improve its condition and prepare it for the next day’s activities.

All goodness aside, the floral scents on both creams were a bit too strong for us, but when our cousin came to visit, we asked her opinion about it and she said she liked it. Some net reviews about this product also said that they love the scent, so, it’s just a matter of opinion, then. ^^v

On Elle: GOWIGASA Top & Shorts


On Jess: GOWIGASA Dress | Zara Heels

Care to try? New POND’S White Beauty Translucent Pinkish White are now available in supermarkets and drugstores in Indonesia and the price ranges from IDR 15,700 (for the 20gr one) to IDR 36,500 (for the 50gr one). To find out more about POND’S and this yummy skincare range, you can start your own research here 😉

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Thank you all for reading and have a beautiful day! 😀

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  1. don't you think it's because demi put on tint blush? and kristen stewert is known for not putting much or any makeup..

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