The Secret Is in The Eyes (Circle Lens Review plus Giveaway!!)

It is no secret that circle lenses are the bomb in nowadays’ Asian make up. I don’t really know when it began, but I started using them since 2010 and I still AM a big fan until now. And since a lot of people have been asking about my lenses, here goes:
Clothing by GOWIGASA
Why circle lenses?
• They come in various styles and colors to complement so many different make up styles out there
• Some of them have powers (minus and plus) too, so you, yes you with your cute glasses over there, can also use them to replace your glasses sometimes and surprise yourself by trying out some new looks with these circle lenses ^^
• They especially make your eyes appear biggerrounder and livelier (read: younger and cuter*)
*When we grow up, all our body parts also grow up, including our face. But newborn babies’ eyes are already about 70% of their adult size. That’s why it seems like babies have bigger, rounder eyes and as they grow up, that feature slowly disappears:

Pic source:
Now let’s see the comparison pic below:
Ahh, very interesting, right? I mean, it’s so amazing how a pair of circle lenses could easily accomplish what other make up tools can’t! Okay, I also used lashes etc. on the pics wearing those lenses, but I believe you can see through that by simply comparing the diameter, color and pattern of the lenses to my naked eyes’ irises. 🙂
That being said, I still like going out without circle lenses, but for photoshoots, hands down, they’re definitely my magic make up tool. Okay nuff said, let the pictures do the talking. 😀

Lenses: Hyper Love Brown from Sparkling Chix
water content: 42%
diameter: 14.50mm
base curve: 8.6mm
material: 2HEMA

Lenses: Candy Green from Sparkling Chix

water content: 42%
diameter: 14.80mm
base curve: 8.8mm
material: 2HEMA


Lenses: Super 325 Grey from Sparkling Chix
water content: 42%
diameter: 15.00mm
base curve: 8.8mm
material: 2HEMA
Regarding the material (2-HEMA), I’m no scientist, so I’d just use this email I got from my sponsor (B-Eye Korean Hyper Lens a.k.a. Sparkling Chix) to enlighten you:

Loose translation: B-Eye uses 2-HEMA for their lenses while other contact lenses manufacturers use HEMA as their material. HEMA is a material that should be used for Hard Contact Lenses, not Soft Contact Lenses. Therefore, B-Eye lenses are flexible and thin so it is very comfortable to use, both in air-conditioned room or for outdoor use. B-Eye can be used up to 12 hours without eye drops, although we strongly recommend to keep using eye drops during usage to maintain our eyes’ oxygen supply.

I couldn’t agree more to the last piece of advice: “keep using eye drops during usage” because even though the lenses are comfortable compared to other lenses I’ve tried, my eyes are very dry in nature, so I have to regularly use eye drops whether I’m using lenses or not. I keep my eye drops everywhere: on my computer desk, in my bag and in the bathroom ^^. Other than that, Sparkling Chix‘s lenses ARE comfortable and they never cause me any irritation.
TIP: Never wear contact lenses when you sleep and always remember to cleanse them well, before you insert them in your eyes and after you use them. Here’s a step-by-step how to use and how to cleanse your lenses (with pics).
Of all five pairs of lenses Sparkling Chix sent to me, I love those three I’m featuring in this post the most.
♡ The Candy Green’s color is especially vivid and fun, I love it! ♡
♡ The Super 325 Grey’s so gorgeous and elegant
♡ The Hyper Love Brown is suitable for natural chic look ♡


Overall, they:
✓ have pretty color and pattern, look so pretty in real life and on camera
✓ give enlarging effect
✓ make my eyes look bigger, rounder, livelier


So, which one of the three lenses is your favorite? Tell me in the comment box below which and why do you like it and WIN A pair of Sparkling Chix Gorgeous Lenses! ;D
Three (3) lucky winners will be picked randomly and each will walk away with a pair of Sparkling Chix circle lenses!
  • The giveaway will close on 30 January 2014 at 23.59 WIB (GMT+7 Jakarta time zone).
  • Winners will be randomly selected and I will announce their names on 31 January 2014.
  • Winner announcement will be made on my InstagramTwitter and Facebook.
  • This giveaway is open to Indonesian residents only.
  • The prize will be delivered to each winners’ address of choice (Sparkling Chix will take care of the shipping fee).
That’s right, girls. Just comment and WIN! ;D
Thank you for reading and see you on my next post~
Jessica Yamada
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  1. Hyper Love Brown – It looks so natural and brown eyes are always my favourite! You can wear it anywhere on any occasion either casually or formally.

  2. Super 325 grey ,it is good for asian eyes I think and since I can't use color lenses to school *sigh* but the grey lenses look so natural somehow so I think we can use it at school or any places we want to ,it makes our eyes look cute and of course bigger, perfectly perfect 대 박 !!

  3. cantik Ci Jess !!! dan thankyou tips nya pas banget buat yg aku butuhin sekarang ♥♥♥
    aku suka bgt sama The Hyper Love Brown! Karena kelihatan natural dan cantik. dipakai untuk semua acara bisa. I hope i win 😀

    thankyou for this nice post (‾▿‾) (´▽`)/ (/‾▿‾)/

  4. I absolutely like 325 gray the most because it look natural like a puppy eyes , and 15mm is a perfect size for eyes aldo grey make eyes shinnier like a diamond .. candy green makes eyes look kawaiier but candy pink is absolutely perfect lol

  5. I love the Candy Green one ♥♥
    Loving the color combination of green and black, simple but gorgeous ♥
    instagram: @mitears
    I wish I can win a pair of them, cheers! 🙂

    1. Been wondering since yesterday, felt like I've seen that candy green eye color in one anime but I forgot what it is. Then I searched and found that it's Sakura's eye color! (from Cardcaptor Sakura). CCS is one of my most favorite anime, I remember how I really wanted to look like Sakura, and I guess these lenses could help me X) I think that's why I fall in love with Candy Green immediately after I saw it~^^

  6. I love how the Candy Green looks on you! It doesn't have many pattern, but it still catches attention, the colors really make your eyes look 'pop' like girls in anime! You look really cute with that <3 Wish I could try those lens

  7. I love the Super 325 Grey and the way it fits your eyes, it looks natural but it has this ethereal feeling <3
    Wish I could win this so that I could try new looks as I've never use lenses before 😀

    Thank you for this giveaway, ci Elle and ci Jess 🙂

  8. halooo kak~
    thanks bgt udah ngereview contact lens ini 😀 aku emang lg nyari contact lens yg nyaman dipake,mau ganti penampilan orz
    aku tertarik bgt sm yg Super 325 Grey~
    warnanya gk terlalu 'mencengkram' tp bs menarik perhatian
    dan kalo dipake matanya jd keliatan berkaca-kaca sparkly gitu >.<
    it's awesome!!

  9. I would love to have the HYPER LOVE BROWN circle lens, because it has a thick black circle outside and the pattern on the inside looks so pretty yet natural <3
    Thank you for the giveaway and wish me luck! :))

  10. Love the 325 grey! ❤️�� I had always used brown and black most of the time as I thought grey colour will be somehow doesn't look natural to me. But I think after reading ur review grey lenses is so gorgeous! I definitely will try grey lenses soon!

    Thanks for the awesome circle lens review! 😀

  11. I love candy green! Yang coklat dan abu-abu juga bagus dan lebih natural, tp yg ijo menggoda sekali karena orang jarang pakai. Designnya juga unik, ga seperti kebanyakan lens, tp ga keliatan fake juga. Bagus deh yg candy green 🙂

    Join my Mini Giveaway, win lots of cute and pretty fashion stuff. Open worldwide till January 27th. Click here.
    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  12. My favorite is…. the Hyper Love Brown! I just love the brown color. It looks really simple and natural, yet still gives you an outstanding look at the same time! And oh those details… so beautiful!

  13. Hi ci Jess… btw you and I have the same name…hehe…
    I love the Hyper Love Brown… it so natural and make my eyes look bigger without making them look creepy, because my eyes are rather big… I hope I can have it~ thanks for the review…
    instagram: @jesyu

  14. first i saw, completely falling in love with Super 325 Grey . that's adorable ! I used to wear lens before but no lens can fit with my eyes. Feels like using the whole glasses inside 😐 after I read your article, i think there's a lamp above my head to wear lens again .
    Thanks !

  15. Circle lens are perfect for asian and i wear them when i go to party, just like you said, it's my "magic makeup" without lens my eye makeup looks somehow odd and the lens give them perfect effects. My eyes look brighter and more because of circle lens. Love circle lens and Love you, Ci Jess!��✨

  16. Fall in love with super 325 grey!! Selain warnanya lebih universal untuk banyak skintone, warna abu2 juga bkin tampilan jadi lebih menarik tanpa kliatan terlalu mencolok.. Ga di sangkal sih circle lens emang bisa bkin tanpilan seseorang jadi sangat berbeda xD dan sudah 3 tahun juga saya suka pakai circle lens, berasa makin cantik >w<

  17. I really love Super 325 Grey! It looks so natural and make your eyes look bigger, plus you can wear it in any occasion! I've got minus on my eyes and I don't feel comfortable with glasses so you can say that contact lens is my life saver! lol It makes our face look so different sometimes and look more beautiful. Thank you for the Review+Giveaway ^^

  18. Auch the candy green is such a temptation! It looks super dolly on you.
    But I'd rather play save and stick to the classic Love Brown. I never played too much color for my eyes. Maybe because I have darker skin than you do. :') But nothing to be regretted! I still love the way I look and would be more than happy to wear the brown circle lens!


  19. I do agree with you ci Jess ^^ circle lens memang bikin terlihat 'younger and cuter' xD aku pilih Hyper Love Brown, alasannya warna coklatnya bener2 natural, cocok untuk segala situasi 😀 selain itu coklatnya ada kesan *cringcring* (bersinar2) seperti yang ci Jess pakai. Really love it ^^

  20. hyper love brown is a darling to see, the perfect color for daily make up since it goes with natural eyeshadow's color and your eyes can appear prettier and rounder.

    but Jess, some of the pics show you reddish eyes. Please take care your eyes I don't want you to get hurt.
    Anyway, looking cute as always !


  21. Super 325 grey is so great hehehe warna yang natural bikin kesan dolly dulu memang circle lens like a magic kalo di pake bisa bikin wajah berubah walau pun gak 100% tapi look great kalo pake itu
    I wish i can win that

    Thank you :))

  22. It's hard for me to pick one out of these three beautiful lenses >,<. But I love Hyper Love Brown the most because it makes your eyes livelier, dolly, sparkling, and of course kawaii. It also gives you natural look since brown is one of my favorite earth color. Aaak I wish I win. ^^

  23. Alway write a great post ci jess
    I love super 325 grey so naturaly,make effect dolly hehe yang paling penting buat mataku lebih besar dari sebelumnya ƪ(ˆ▽ˆ)ʃ selain untuk fashion circle lens juga bisa membantu melihat jelas tanpa kaca mata hehehehe

    Wish me luck for this giveaway

  24. Can't decide between SUPER 325 GREY and HYPER LOVE BROWN. The Hyper Love brown gives you a natural, girly, dolly, and innocent look while The Super 325 Grey gives you a icy, cold, bold, and mysterious look! But i think i'd choose The Hyper Love Brown since i really wanted to look more girly (all my life i've been a kind of a bit tomboy girl) and i've never had softlens with natural brown color before, i've always chosen grey, green, blue, and PINK lol because they look so bold and unusual (i love unsual things). But The Hyper Love Brown is too cute and too lovable to be resist. It makes your eyes POPED, rounder, bigger, more beautiful and also cuter ! 😉

    Instagram & Twitter : @greentylatte

    Titany Shintamurti

  25. @eimielmo in instagram
    hi ce jess and ce elle 😀
    Hyper love brown took my heart straight after I saw them! Among those 3 softlens , brown one made your eyes look biggest and cutest! Well I have a reaaally sensitive and small eyes so I'd really love to try some of those softlens! Wml 😀 xoxo

  26. I prefer super 325 grey and candy green. I choose super 325 grey bcs they were looking so gorgeous yet natural, while candy green makes you look like living anime (?) So yeah, hope I win the give away. Insta: steffi040100 twitter: 040100steffi

  27. I would like to choose the candy green one , because it simply make you look like a bright face , my face it quite dark , (medium brown) and it seems very pretty. I never win a giveaway , hope I win this time , thank you for your time and consideration

  28. The Super 325 Grey is certainly my favorite! It looks so edgy gorgeous and makes your eyes look so cool and giving you the kind of mysterious cold looking eyes. I would love to try it and well the effect of making the eye bigger is a really big plus for this awesome lens!
    Insta : xinxinyilin

  29. super 325 grey! omg i have always been a fan of grey lens, i dont know why but grey eyes are super pretty and attractive, and the 325 grey from sparkling chix is so natural, it blends into your eyes and no one could tell that you're wearing a lens! i'd like to win a pair of them :" omg (@vionnnaaustine/instagram)

  30. I love the Hyper Love Brown lenses the most! 😀 I think not every Asian's face suits the green and blue lenses, but the Hyper Love Brown lenses gives the loveliest natural look you can get :} insta: @jessicasdjo 😀

  31. Good review ce jess..
    I think super 325 grey is most prety cool hehehehe look natural,shiny,cool,dolly and cute hehehe
    you like a porceline doll and so cute (you always look cute hehehehe) and I love all your review hehehehe
    I wish can win this giveaway.
    ig : lavitha_tan
    twitter : lavitha_tan

    thankyou 🙂

  32. I like super 325 grey from sparkling chix�� looks pretty in real and on camera..looks georgeous, elegant and give enlarging effect��make eyes look livelier and cute like pretty doll jessica yamada�� grey lense also give natural and cool look��make girls more confident with super 325 grey lense�� (@meilin_91 | instagram)

  33. I don't really want to take other lenses colors except brown or grey but the Candy Green is absolutely adorable. It looks really cute and catchy at the same time. I would love to try this one for different looks. I wish I can win it! *fingercrossed* (ig: @stellaseptiana)

  34. All three look absolutely stunning and gorgeous, but if I have to choose which is my favourite, I'd choose the candy green one. It looks absolutely unique and stunning, for I've never seen one in such a colour before. The colour is deep and cute, refreshing in way, but still very sweet (since it's candy green and all). The colour is different, bold, but somehow it doesn't look weird and creepy. And green eyes are rare, so yeah, I like it most (since my eyes are naturally brown and grey eyes are… well, grey). So yeah, that's the reason why I like candy green most^^. (IG: @nblafy)

  35. Here's my Which+Why:
    I'll choose the candy green one for this contact lense, (yes, since the first time, Ill go straight with this colors). honestly 
    I'm not really a big fan of bright lense since I'm not believe that's it would suits me and yes as far as this time I've always wear my brown&grey babies. So the answer of the bright soflense are always be the same; "NO". But, this colors isn't the same,it give a very natural look in the first look so I'll became a fanlover of this candy green colors since then, In the other hands, this soflense is a quite comfortably by this look, I have a sensitive eye (I'll get irritation easily&my eyes always became reddish and YES,its hurt) so its hard for me to choose the right contact lense, and the other PLUS score is: it makes your eye bigger,rounder(I had a small eyes, so its hard for me to use a bigger soflen but since I'm a asian i'd love to have a big eyes within 14,5mm),and livelier as you said & ofcourse I do see the difference! It's never be enough for me to compliment this soflense, but I need to end it,soo ill end it here, since I've never used this soflense, so its be kinda fun things to try , and let me make this soflense as my first bright babies♥

    Instagram: jessycangelina
    Twitter: jejescly

  36. The most favourite one is Hyper Love Brown, because thats my favourite color for circle lenses and it looks very natural on Asian girls' eyes. It makes ur eye looks prettier. LOVE IT SO MUCH, hope you can give me a pair of it 😉 thanks, xoxo.♡

  37. I love the super 325 grey one. It has a pretty color. Not as bold as the green one, but still gives that pop of color that I'm looking for. The brown one is pretty, but I think the color is less visible. Moreover, the lens have a flower-like pattern :3
    Love it!

  38. Wah, contact lens selalu bikin mata keliatan menarik, walopun ga pake makeup, tp tetep bikin kesan yg beda..
    Semua warnanya baguus ≧﹏≦ but love the Candy Green the most ♥ ah so daring..

  39. I've been using contacs my whole life, never thought any colored lenses would look cute, but the Candy Green one proves me wrong. I do hope they have powers with them because glasses are not always comfortable to be worn.

  40. Hyper Love Brown, because it have the same color as my eyes. I've been looking for a contact lens that have a pretty pattern, give enlarging effect, but STILL looks natural… and I think this Hyper Love Brown have it all �� Thankyou Jessica Yamada for introducing Sparkling Chix and their gorgeous lenses 🙂

  41. aku suka banget sama yg Hyper Love Brown.. pengen lensa nya juga *lol* jk. XD karna dasarnya aku suka lens warna coklat heheh xDD
    aku suka pattern nya, karna bikin mata jadi imut imut gitu>< diameter nya juga ukuran normal.. jadi pas kalo dipake heheh . pokoknya keliatan natural dan fresh ^^

  42. Waaa thank you for new giveaway ciii superb! :3
    I'll join yaa 🙂

    I'd like to win Lenses: Super 325 Grey from Sparkling Chix
    Yaa 🙂 It's suitable for my brown skin, not to much, and elegant ! makes my eye more bigger and eye catching of course <3
    Suitable for simple look and many outfit :3 Awwwww, so sweet!

    So give me one pair cii :")
    Thank you very much for give me this chance.
    Good luck everyone!

    Karina Melias A.

  43. I love the Super 325 Grey! Because I have a very wide eyes, So I always use =>15mm diameter circle lenses, because if I wear smaller-sized circle lenses, my eyes would look funny (too much white part would be visible lol). And I love how those grey lenses looks on you, so this is definitely my favorite.

  44. Ci jess. Aku paling suka yg candy green soalnya keliatan lucu warna nya kayak mata boneka hehe . Terus warna nya terang , bagus di pake buat mata ♡ 🙂

  45. Super 325 grey paling keren menurutku hehehe
    ya karena effect naturaly,Icy dan super cool hehehehehe
    and you always look cute cc jess and love all yor riview..
    i hope can get one in this giveaway

  46. Aku suka kebangetan sm Super 325 Grey ♥
    Warnanya cantik dan efeknya cantik.
    Dimata keliatan besar dan nembingkai dengan cantik.
    Kesannya elegant + cute dlam satu waktu.

    Pas diliat dri jauh kyk mata peri di film kartun pas bru muncul.
    Bling2 gmn gitu >.<

    Dipake ttep kliatan kesan natural + inocent gt.

    Pas diliat dri jauh wrna + motifnya itu MISTERIUS bgt.
    Jdi kpengen dket + mke.
    Eh pas udh dket ternyata dia menimbulkan motif dan wrna yg tersembunyi.
    Pkoknya SUPERBBBB!!!!

    Ig : saskiagustin

  47. I want the super 325 grey!!
    Why? Because I used to use brown/chocolate/black or another neutral colors
    and I think green won't suit me well :'D
    So I decided to choose the grey one!
    Besides, it looks really beautiful and I want to try it!
    Been using contact lenses since 2009 and I'm addicted since that :p
    Hope I win! *fingerscrossed*

  48. I like the Super 325 grey because it looks natural but pretty at the same time. The Candy green one looks good too but i don't think it will match my skin tone. So i think the Super 325 grey is the best one 🙂

  49. All those lenses really pretty ♥ i especially really like the Candy Green one because it's look very unusual but it looks really niceeeeee on you !! Hope i can get it and give it a try ^^

  50. I love the candy green out of these lenses ^^
    I love the outer black ring! :3 It makes the look become more mysterious but pretty at the same time,
    Besides, I never tried green lens before ^^ i think it'll nice if I can try any green lens someday

  51. Hyper love brown is my favorite! It look naturaly and like the eyes of anime characters. ><
    Cause it looks naturaly and has a dark color, i will be more comfortable and more confident. With my cute wide eyes, everybody will not tease me. Hope i will get it!

  52. Super 325 Grey is the best lah! its gives more natural vibes.. perfect for daily use ehhehe, and i think this is the best colour that match very well with asian skin , medium skin toned can go perfectly fine with this pair of circle lenses too i guess…. will love it so much if i can win this! and for the plus as you said its so comfy ! wah this is the best package for circle lenses that i've been looking for , cute , perfect colour and comfortable!!!!! <3 thank you for the chance too jess, elle and of course Sparkling Chix !!! <3
    instagrm : jeannsth

  53. I Love Hyper Love Brown! I have tiny eyes and it will be difficult to wear eyemakeup everyday (tired of it, but i'll look so sleepy if i don't wear any), i need Hyper Love Brown to make my eyes bigger naturally and cuter (hopefully will be cuter just like Ci Jess).
    Thanks for the opportunity 😀
    Instagram : @RebekhaRegi

  54. I still love the super 325 grey effectnya keren,bisa membuat mata menjadi lebih besar yang jelas aman untuk mata.dengan warnanya natural dan bisa membuat mata lebih terlihat segar bisa membuatku lebih mudah merias mata yang kecil dan terlihat lebih mudan tentu saja dolly .
    and cc jess menyampaikan posting yang perfect dan menyenangkan untuk di baca I realy love your all review.
    Semoga cc jess,cc elle dan tentu saja Sparkling Chix chose me to got lenses
    dan tentu saja terimakasih untuk kesempatan untuk ikut giveaway.
    wish me luck to this giveaway..
    ig : lavitha_tan

  55. Hi ci Jess

    well aku suka The Candy Green's color karena its Sweet, Bold & cute just like you ci jess 😀
    warna hijaunya membuat pemakainnya kelihatan lebih hidup dan seger sih kalo menurut aku 🙂
    dan actually its suit you more than other!
    thank you before for making GIVEAWAY event to Ci jess & sparkling chix 😀
    lagi butuh penganti softlense yang aku pakai, karena softlense yang aku pakai tb2 berhenti produksi 🙁 hiks
    semoga menang dan kedapetan bisa cobain 🙁 ganbate!!!!

    wish me luck
    IG: sheloveshazelnut


  56. i uses contact lenses on daily basis, but only clear ones. so if i'm to try colored lenses, i might as well wear ones which stands out the most aka candy green! also, i've been digging naruto fanfiction lately; green orbs literally translates to haruno sakura, our favorite nin girl 🙂

  57. I'm so in loved with Hyper Love Brown!! <3

    I always curious how can you and elle have a such cutie and round eyes. i'm so thankful you tell to us now hihi.
    So the reason is because in have a small eyes but it's not look cute enough for me, i used contact lens once but my eyes doesn't look like what i want.
    I just don't understand which one is the best and i think Hyper Love Brown is suit for my eyes.
    That brown color will make my eyes look natural and the round shape will make my eyes look cute hehe..

    Oh i'm dreaming having a pretty-cutie-amazing eyes like both of you~~~^^

    Twitter: @MarisaDepari
    Instagram: @marisagape

  58. Whoaaa~~~ thanks for the awesome giveaway
    Actually I'm from Indonesia lol, but can i use english~? :3

    Actually,,,I love three of them >.< all of them are suit you and make you look so cute >.<
    But,, you ask me to choose one of them,,,, The Hyper Love Brown is my favorite * w *
    i like the yellowish color >.< and it looks so natural, pretty, elegant, and you look so cute when you wore it,, so it makes me curious >.<
    i hope i can win this giveaway >.<,, thanks
    FB : Akimoto Aya
    Twitter: @yappyon_

  59. oh my …. the candy green is the most simple design compared by the other, but i don't know why I falling in love with that candy green due to your eyes, Jess !! is so stunning and make the eyes as a center of your entire look using that softlens..

    I really want it.. <3

    IG : @dellahalim

  60. i've read this post but didn't realize there's a giveaways too 🙂

    I love Super 325 Grey because it has bigger diameter, i love having 15mm diameter circle lenses. it just makes my eyes look alot bigger and more dolly.
    but i love the The Candy Green and The Hyper Love Brown too, though it seems to have smaller diameter but just like you said it will still make your eyes bigger.
    and i can't deny how cool that green color could be, i always kinda scared wearing green, but you wore it and it looked amazing.
    and for the Hyper Love Brown, it's super natural, but still bright.
    so basically i love all of it. >.<

    thankyouu for the giveaway!
    IG: @bunnydeedee
    twitter: @deedeeLyoung


  61. Halo Ci Jess 😀
    emm, aku suka yang mana ya… aduh! semua suka! hahahah aku juga dulu suka banget pakai softlens warna, tapi karena waktu itu kurang pede jadinya aku ganti ke softlens bening huhu
    tapi waktu liat Ci Jess aku jadi berubah pikiran lagi, ga ada salahnya kan aku pakai softlens warna buat bikin tambah cantik *ehem! hahaha*
    udah deh cukup curhat nya >///<

    Sebenarnya aku suka semua Ci Jess TwT *mau pilih semua rasanya*
    okay! akhirnya aku memutuskan aku paling suka yang… teteretetettt ~ HYPER LOVE BROWN!! yeaaah! hahaha
    kenapa Hyper Love Brown?
    karena menurut aku, warna cokelat itu netral, mau warna kulit apapun kalau pake cokelat pasti kesannya pas, gak aneh.
    Tapi bukan berarti karena dia netral kita jadi gak tambah cantik, justru karena dia natural, kecantikan mata kita gak terlihat palsu di mata beberapa orang *aduh bahasa ku hehehe*
    udah Ci Jess, kayaknya cukup deh comment aku. Maaf ya kalau kepanjangan >///<

    Thank you buat giveaway nya Ci Jess dan Sparkling Chix <3

    IG: stellawindy

  62. Actually i kinda torn between Candy Green and Hyper Love Brown. But when I tossed a coin, I wished the result is Hyper Love Brown. So yeah, Hyper Love Brown! It can be dark, it can be light. Flexible. And I love the print of Hyper Love Brown!

    IG : xlicers

  63. Beautiful as always kak Jess! I love how all of them look on you <3 and the Hyper Love Brown is my fave, I think it's more suitable for daily use because I work on a governmental agency… I've never tried any circle lenses before, so I hope this is a perfect chance! Thank you for this awesome giveaway 😀

  64. Hai ci..
    Aku sih belum pernah pake contact lens yaa.. sekarang sih cuma pake kacamata minus. Soalnya ragu banget klo mau pake softlens, soalnya banyak resiko, salah satunya iritasi mataa, denger pengalaman orang yg extrem bgt gara2 pake softlens bikin takut sendirii.
    Tapi kalo tau softlensnya kaya gini, aku sih minat banget!! Hehe. Oh ya aku suka warna 325 grey!
    Looks so natural and gorgeous banget. Jadi, gak terlalu aneh klo dipake sehari. hari hehe Wish me luck xoxo

  65. I love all the lenses you wear, but I love the 325 grey most because it's look bigger, sassy and nicely fit with your cute face.

    IG: _sicaelisabeth

  66. My favourite softlenses color is grey, so I will choose 325 Grey♥. For me, colored softlenses is so addicted. I have been trying many various color, but still fall in love with grey one. Many people said that brown one gave the best natural look because of the tone of your hair and eyebrow are brown too. Huuufft. It doesn't work to me! The brown layer is so weird for me. So I tried the grey one and it's wonderful. Never expecting that grey would be the best color for natural looks. The grey layer is like sparkles of light that mirrored by your pupils, especially for photoshoot or selfie 😉 . Besides, Super 325 Grey has the largest diameter which making dramatic and elegant look with a 'sharp glance'.
    I have never heard about the materials, 2HEMA. Reading your preview, I become curious and want to try it eagerly :D. Thank you for the chance of sharing and giveaways. So sorry if there are unsuitable statements, I'm just wanna share my opinion. 🙂
    IG cittacitta

  67. been long away from contact lenses so i'd like to try new look! i'm used to wear the natural look contacts but the Candy Green one catches me with the pretty look it gives to your eyes. *w* the diameter isn't really big so i believe it has the best comfort and easy to apply. also the color is so pretty and vibrant, i'd love to have one!

  68. I'd never tried to using brown contact lens because somehow i couldn't find the perfect brown colour that will get along perfectly with my natural eyes color. But after i read your post and found out this product has an amazing hyper love brown which makes me wodering will this hyper brown lenses become my favourite?

  69. All of them look gorgeous and fit your eyes nicely… But, I love the grey one… That super 325 grey makes your eyes more bigger, bold, mysterious but keep your cuteness ce…

  70. All of them is cute and gorg, and really look suit on you
    I love the hyper love brown most, the color isn't too flashy and really natural and i just falling in love with that color <3

    IG : @luthfiany
    Twitter : @luthfianii

  71. Dari ketiganya, saya paling suka The Super 325 Grey! Dari pertama lihat aja udah langsung jatuh cinta. Warnanya terlihat natural dan elegan. Pokoknya keren deh! Kawaii ~~~ o(>o<)o

  72. Falling in love with >> Hyper Love Brown from Sparkling Chix. Absolutely, make my little eyes appear bigger ^^ Sometimes, i'm not confident with my eyes ppffttt So, i want Hyper Love Brown from Sparkling Chix. Wish me luck, dear <3 thank you….

  73. I'm totally fell in love when the first time I saw The Candy Green of yours. It feels like The Candy Green can show your true inner beauty and the tenderness of your heart. I really mean it because I believe eyes can speak anyway hehe
    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  74. I love both the Hyper Love Brown and Super 325 Grey but when I saw the diameter I ABSOLUTELY CHOOSE THE HYPER LOVE BROWN because it has the smallest diameter. I don't really like big diameter because I think it's gonna be hard to use. Beside, it looks natural and I think it suits any skintones >. <

  75. semuanya keliahatan bagus kalo di pakai sama cc jess tapi aku suka sejak tau cc jess pake yang super 325 grey kliatan keren bgt (padahal cc kliatan cantin n keren trs heheh) tapi tambah keren kalo pake super 325 grey hehehehe warnanya natural jasi gak kliatan mencolok bgt warnanya kalo di pakai,motifnya juga bagus banget kalo menurutku simple but sure maksudnya effectnya bekerja secara maksimal bikin mata kliatan shining dan rounded

    sooo kawaii pokoknya
    jadi makin exited waktu cc jess bilang kalau softelens itu sangat nyaman dan tahan 12 jam
    selama pake softlense itu cuma bertahan gak sampai 8 jam dan mata langsung merah kalo kelamaan jadi mau gak mau harus bawa kacamata kemana" dan yang bikin repot itu kalo lagi asik gambar dan inspirasi lagi banyak"nya malah softlense gak kompromi mau gak mau harus copot softlense dan ganti kacamata
    gara-gara kayak gitu jd males pake softlense lg,tp gara-gara review cc jess itu jadi tertarik nyobain softlensenya
    mudah-mudahan bisa kepilih di giveaway ini untuk nyobain softlense yang d pake cc jess

    thankyou for review and giveaway

    lavitha tan

  76. the green one is the best 🙂
    i love it because id like to try different colors of lenses
    color lenses make my eyes look more beautiful, and of course colorful
    then when other people look into my eyes, they will give me a big smile 😀


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