How to Take the Perfect Selfie

Hi everyone!!
Today’s post is going to be ALL ABOUT SELFIE! 😀

For those of you who don’t have a single clue about selfie (I doubt there is, though), here’s a short explanation of what it is and what it has become in this digital age:

Selfie (n.): “A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.”
-Oxford Dictionaries

Familiar with this pose?
How about this expression? ↓
Hehehe #duckface

I’m sure every one of you has taken at least 10 selfies in your life lah! Thanks to social media sites, it has become a phenomenon that even Oxford Dictionaries gave it a place in the dictionary (yes, Selfie is officially a word of the English language), and it’s not even the best part!

The best part is…

It has been chosen as Word of the Year 2013 by Oxford Dictionaries!!! How awesome is that?!

Ok ok, enough of the theory, let’s move on to the practice! 🙂


You MUST know the best angle of your face! Is it left? Right? Above? Below?
Well, I think it’s safe to say that the most flattering angle for a selfie is 45° degree angle.
Either tilting the camera or your face to that angle will work! Why is it the best? Because it will make your face looks slimmer. xD

I cannot stress this enough: Good lighting is everything in taking the perfect selfie! I understand if you want to hide some flaws, but the thing is, bad lighting itself is already so unflattering. And no, no amount of filter can improve the quality. So, no matter how pretty or handsome you think you look in a bad-lighting-photo, it’s still a bad photo. You want your selfies to be bright, clear and sharp. 🙂
Let’s see the comparison:

Good lighting vs Bad lighting
Even if you try to brighten it up using some apps, it will only be grainy and hideous, like this:

Ok you’re already so gorgeous and your hair is perfect, but an interesting background will give you another plus point! If you can’t find any, just keep it simple, like walls or curtains. 🙂

Just because you are in a public place, doesn’t mean you can’t take selfies! Good lighting? Checked! Interesting background? Checked! Camera? Checked! So, what are you waiting for? Nobody is going to watch you anyway, well maybe just for a few seconds, no biggie! Be confident and have fun!! XD Take multiple shots so you can pick out the best one to post later!

Had so much fun taking these selfies haha xD
The sunglasses from my upper left photo is from GOWIGASA.

The camera you use to take selfies is a very important aspect in producing good photographs. My favorite selfie-camera has always been my own mobile phone’s front camera, well of course because I can see my face first before I snap it. Besides, it’s really troublesome to bring two gadgets everywhere! That’s why it’s really important for me to have a mobile phone with a good camera, and I was so very happy when I found out about this happening Lenovo VIBE X! It has a 13 MP rear camera, aaaand 5 MP front camera!!! NOW this is the kind of technology I like!! XD
Furthermore, the design of this phone is very aesthetic and stylish, you can see it for yourself:

↑ Before you start abusing the snap button, you have to set the “beautify” effect first (range 0-7). Yes, it has its own beautify effect, so you no longer need any of those apps to smoothen up your skin 😀 ↑
↑ Set it to 3 cos I don’t like my skin looks too smooth. ↑
↑ Pose and snap! Ah yes, I always tap the shutter button using that part of my finger lol. ↑
↑ Love the sparkling effect at the focus box hahaha ↑
So stylish!
↑ The effects you can apply instantly to your photos when you are using the rear camera. ↑
↑ Look at how thin it is!!! No wonder it is sooo light!♡ ↑
Another selfies of me taken with this amazing phone☺:
 Me and My Tea selfie! #meandmythings
↑ Grid Chiffon Shirt Mint (as outer) from GOWIGASA ↑
↑ Wearing GOWIGASA Kanye West Top Grey ↑
 ↑ Me and My Fresh Lemonade ↑
↑ Acid Washed Denim Jacket from GOWIGASA, Headband from Topshop ↑
↑ I look so mature here wtf ↑

↑ Last one, I promise! Wearing my favorite Peter Pan Collar Denim Top from GOWIGASA 🙂 ↑


Now, that you’ve learned how to take the perfect selfie, why don’t you post your own selfies and get a chance to WIN this freaking cool VIBE X? ♡

The simple rules to join:
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For more info about Lenovo VIBE X and the competition:
WEBSITE: <<< complete info!

*All selfies in this post were taken with Lenovo VIBE X.

X O X O,
Elle Yamada

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